In Southeastern Liberia, Her Voice Liberia conducts Dialogue On Harmful Traditional Norms and Practices and Access to Justice


Her Voice Liberia, a human rights group continues to champion the advocacy campaign to ensure that the rights of women and girls are protected including empowering them for future national tasks.

Women over the period in Liberia have been marginalized in all spears. However, as the paradigm is gradually shifting, Her Voice Liberia continues to be in the vanguard to ensure that the voices of women are heard loud and clear especially in areas of access to justice, rule of law, equal opportunities and empowerment respectively.

As the group quest to increase awareness and advocacy in said direction, it is leaving no stone unturned in reaching out to rural communities to spread the message for the betterment of the society.

In Southeastern, Liberia, residents of River Cess and Grand Gedeh Counties are currently benefiting from one of Her Voice Liberia projects.

Designed and crafted as one of the project components, focusing on the “Challenging harmful norms and practices” with emphasis on access to justice for women and girls, Her Voice Liberia conducted the dialogue with the rural residents on the effect as well as danger of harmful traditional norms and practices including using the legal means through access to justice in order to find remedy to their old age and daily challenges.

As an eye opener, the dialogue further enlightened the participants mainly rural dwellers on the issue with the hope of helping to make an impact in their respective communities.

The dialogue held in the two Southeastern counties conducted by Her Voice Liberia brought together two major family and communities sharing experiences and actively engaging the issues especially from the dialogue perspective on women and human rights.

Additionally, the dialogue also looked at how to prevent gender based violence and the rights of marginalized groups.

Speaking briefly at the opening, the Executive Director of Her Voice Liberia, Evangeline Sirleaf, encouraged the participants to seize every advocacy opportunity on the issue in order to make a change in the society.

“Remain focused, believe in yourselves and make a move in order for us to break the barrier, ” she further challenged them.

The dialogue activities in Southeastern Liberia is under The Enough Project.

ENOUGH for short, is an EU funded project aimed at empowering women, girls, boys and men to take positive action in ending Sexual Gender Based Violence in Ghana, Liberia and Mali.

It is also being implemented by a consortium of Oxfam IBIS (consortium lead), Oxfam in Ghana, Oxfam in Liberia, Foundation for community Initiatives, WiLdaf/Ghana and WILDAF/Mali.

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