LIBERIA: Grand Gedeans Boycott Internal Affairs Minister’s Called Meeting, Clashes Emerged as Meeting Ended in Noise


Some Grand Gedeans residing in Liberia have applauded their kinsmen for not turning out in numbers for a meeting called by Internal Affairs Minister, Francis Sakala Nymanlin.

The Grand Gedeh citizen’s action on Monday, April 29, 2024 was a wave of rejection against Alex Chersia Grant as citizens of the County in a silent protest refused to attend the MIA’s “reconciliatory” meeting in Zwedru.

In a statement signed by the Chief Spokesperson the concerned citizens of Grand Gedeh Kai Gee said the poor turnout speaks to the fact that majority of the citizens of the county don’t want Mr. Alex Grant as their superintendent.

The release quotes Mr. Gee as saying that during the meeting, Minister Nyumalin appealed to the few persons who were in attendance to allow Mr. Grant to work because he is the president’s choice.

Mr. Gee said the mass rejection of Mr. Grant as Superintendent of the County is based on his track record of dishonesty, alleged involvement in dubious and clandestine deeds and allegations of mysterious killings and disappearance of people in the County.

“Whilst it is true that the meeting was stage managed by the organizers, some citizens, particularly the youths, opted to make their voices heard but were denied the opportunity. Confusion broke out when the youths noticed attempts by program managers to only allow pro Grant supporters to make remarks. The pro Grant group attacked other peaceful Grand Gedeans, due to their contrary views.”

He condemned the attacks on peaceful citizens who have gone to the meeting to make their inputs but chase by pro Grant supporters.

The Concerned Grand Gedeh Spokesperson described the action as undemocratic, counterproductive and barbaric and called on the joint security to investigate the situation which has the propensity to create unhealthy future consequences.

Mr. Gee said the quest of rejecting Alex C. Grant as Superintendent remains unbending until the President sees reason to recall him.

“According to the President’s interview on the VOA, his administration will not be business as usual. As such, we are confident that His Excellency, will recall Mr. Grant for he lacks the trust and confidence of the people of Grand Gedeh County.”

The people of Grand Gedeh County for the past three months have demonstrated in protest actions, petitions and dialogues with the Legislative and Executive Branches of government that Grant is a wrong choice; he is vindictive, arrogant and an unrepentant Sower of seeds of discord.

Mr. Gee said the poor turnout at the meeting organized by the Minister of Internal Affairs is a testimony of the views of the people that Mr. Grant is a threat to development and the spirit of reconciliation in Grand Gedeh.

He said they are of the conviction that President Boakai respects and honors the views of the elders, women, youths, disabled and all people of Grand Gedeh County and will grant their request to recall Mr. Grant.

Mr. said the confirmation of Mr. Grant as Superintendent undermines the integrity of the House of Senate, especially when verifiable, unrefuted evidence was presented to the honorable Liberian Senate.

He said the Superintendency of Alex C, Grant will undoubtedly create chaos and undermine the socio-economic development of the County.

The Concerned Citizens of Grand Gedeh County Spokesperson appealed to President Boakai, to recall Mr. Grant because his presence will undermine the integrity and the Economic developmental agenda of the people of Grand Gedeh.

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