LIBERIA: LICOSESS College of Education stands Tall Among Several Universities


As the common saying goes the rejected stone always becomes the corner in most cases where people or institutions are look down upon of not being to the task to perform to their expectations. This is clearly taking place in the operations of the LICOSESS College of Education when it was mocked at by many stakeholders as the least in time past of not being to the task to train Liberian Educators.
On Monday morning in the Kissi Camp Community, on the GSA Road LICOSESS it was like a dream come true when the American Ambassador stepped down from a white jeep surrounded by American security on the campus of LICOSESS in Paynesville April 29, 2024.

Many people passerby, even instructors and students would only compare the scene of the visit of the American Ambassador to that of the visit of Jesus Christ to the house of the Chief Tax Collector Zacchaeus in Bible History who no one thinks that Jesus would visits him at any point in time.

Speaking with more smiles on her face during her visit to the LICOSESS college campus in Kissi Camp, American Ambassador Catherine Rodriguez disclosed that she was pleased with the level of job done by LICOSESS College in training more teachers for the betterment of the younger generation.
The American Diploma was seen nodding her head when Dr. Benjamin Wehyee who is the president of the LICOSESS college was giving her some of the successful and challenging stories of the college from its formation in 1992 up to present.
The American Ambassador who never hesitated to pay a visit to some of the classes at the demonstration school was happily seeing interacting with students from the K-I, K-II and even to the second grade classes where she distributed cookbooks and challenged them to take their education seriously if they are to replace the older generations.
Madam Catherine Rodriguez also speaking to the students in the second grade class motivated them by saying “I see presidents, representatives, Ministers, Teachers among you people but the only way this can happen is when you paid attention to your studies and take lawful instructions from your teacher”.
The American Ambassador concluded her tour on the campus of the LICOSESS College of Education on Monday at a training section where the teacher Aspirants were been taught on how to log on the Tablets provided by the USAID-TEST Program.
Madam Catherine Rodriguez cautioned them to take their learning serious noting that the future of Liberia currently depends on a well-trained and qualified teachers within the educational sector of Liberia that was badly hit by the Liberian civil conflict.

Also speaking the president of the LICOSESS college of Education Dr. Benjamin Wehyee said the visit of the American Ambassador to LICOSESS is clear manifestation that the college remains the biggest private accredited teacher training institution in Liberia.
The Liberian renowned educator due to the joy was quick to compare the situation of the LICOSESS College of Education to that of the four Hebrew boys in Bible, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who were not allowed to eat from the king’s table the best of food but became the best and received the top praises.
According to him the creation of the LICOSESS Mobile Teacher College came in 1992 when all the government rural teachers Training Institutions were closed due to the Liberian Civil conflict and people were just entering the classroom to teach without any former training, something the founders of LICOSESS Mobile Teacher Training College then couldn’t sit and see happening.
He noted that with all the good work and intentions of the college many stakeholders who relatives even benefited from the training of LICOSESS Mobile Teacher Training College sat on the fence and criticized the college without doing anything to improve it for the common good of Liberia and the upcoming generation.
Dr. Benjamin Wehyee was quick to laud the American government for taking interest in the work of the LICOSESS College of Education that is currently training over six hundred teachers Aspirants under the USAID- TEST Program that is now making Liberian educators to get more training and preparations for the classroom.
The President of the of LICOSESS College of education listed many challenges during a brief meeting with the Ambassadors in this office, amongst them was the issues of transportation for Teacher the Aspirants because according to him many of those in the training are making less than eight thousands Liberian Dollars and are finding it difficult to complete the program and also the issue of a well equip Science Lap and Library.

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