By: Aaron B Nemah


Harper— Maryland: In response to circulating rumors, the Maryland County Health Team has set the record straight regarding the origin of the recently acquired mobility equipment.
Contrary to speculation linking it to Unity Party government, the Health Team asserts that the support comes from the World Bank as part of its performance Based financing project in Liberia.
“It is not political donation, our people should understand that those vehicles and bikes came as a result of the ongoing World Bank Project which is meant to empower the Health System. The World Bank supports government’s initiatives through the Ministry of Health”. Doctor Freeman, of the Health Team, said.
Maryland CHT clarification comes amidst a wave of speculation and misinformation surrounding the funding sources for the two land cruisers and bikes in the County.
The Maryland County Health Team aims to dispel any confusion and ensures transparency in its dealings with the public.
Dr. Siedoh Freeman, Maryland County Health officer, emphasized that the mobility equipment is a crucial component of a broader initiative aimed at enhancing Healthcare services in the region.
“We want to reassure the public that the mobility support we have received is part of a well-documented project facilitated by the World Bank. It is essential to correct any misinformation and provide clarity on the actual source of the valuable resources.” Dr. Freeman indicated.
The World Bank’s performance Financing Base project in Liberia focuses on bolstering key sectors including Health Care, to promote sustainable development in Maryland County, like other regions, benefits from such an initiatives aimed at strengthening the County’s overall Health System.
The Health Team expressed gratitude for the international support and emphasized the positive impact the mobility equipment will have on Health Care delivery in Maryland County.
The clarification aims to foster confidence and dispel any misconceptions regarding the funding sources of critical projects.
Meanwhile, as Liberia continues to prioritize development projects with international partners, such clear communication from local authorities becomes paramount in ensuring an informed and engaged citizenry.

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