Veteran Old-Timers crowned Champions of LONA League


Monrovia Veteran Old-Timer Soccer Squad was on  Sunday, December 18, 2022 crowned champions of the Liberia Old-Timers National Association 2022 League.

Presenting the trophy to  the Veteran Captain at the Alpha Old-timers Sports Ground, LONA president, John Mulbah,  paid tribute to the entire Veteran family members and wished  them more success to come in the association league.

Receiving the trophy, Veteran Vice president for Administration, Lewis Alva pope, Jr. mentioned that they have struggled for LONA League Title for decades and based on the efforts  they  fought  in the field of play, they were able to win the LONA Championship for the first time in the team history.

Said pope Jr. : “We are very grateful to God first the team president and his officials, the players and the entire management team of our Veteran for this great success we have achieved against our opponent in the LONA League and we pray for more to come as we continue our hand to hand work for the growth of our association.”

He continued that the LONA League is a game of competitions, a game of chance and it depends on what you put into it for the common growth of your association or team and that they did what they could which led to their success in the LONA league today.

pope JR continued that back in the days they have been struggling and they have finish the league as runner-up and third place several times and that the trophy means a lot for the entire Veteran family members, their Board of Directors, and their members in the diaspora.

The team president Emeka Njoku voiced that they have been wishing many years to win the LONA League Title and that they came closer of winning the league title but they never gave up until they have finally won the association league title and described the team triumph  over their opponents in their just ended league magnificent and thanked the residents of WestPoint’s where Veterans Old-Timers was founded.



“First let me say thank you to members of Veteran Sports Association for this great achievement in the history of our team and I pray for our continued  togetherness for the progress of our association against our opponents on the field of play and I also  say thank you to our opponents for the sportsmanship we all displayed against one another on and off the field of play,” Mr.  Njoku intoned.

The Board Chairman of the Veteran Old-Timers, Austin Snoh pajobos, expressed the hope  that the championship they have won in the LONA League history would help to strengthen their togetherness as they continue their celebration for their success does far in the team history.

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