LIBERIA: Rep. Joe extols Speaker Koffa for Exceptional Leadership Style


Grand Bassa Representative Matthew Joe has extolled House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa for his exceptional leadership style at the 55th Legislature since his election as speaker.

Rep. Joe applauded his colleague Rep. Isaac Bannie, saying the blue print of the health center is one that has scared him.

‘‘But I know the secret behind this big dream, it has the backing our speaker who is very developmental and willing to assist members to ensure development in their respective districts.’’

The lawmaker recounted that Speaker Koffa has assured members of 55th House of Representatives to make them relevant in their districts by lending support to carryout projects that will impact and transform lives.

” It is because of such support, many of our colleagues are taking the bold on development initiatives,’’ he explained.

Rep. Joe indicated that lawmakers in 54th National Legislature did not have the opportunity they have today in the 55th under the gavel of Speaker Koffa.

“In the 54th, we all struggled to do what we did over the last year,’’ Rep. Joe noted.

He added that Speaker Koffa has already set the basis in the Lower House extolling him for bringing back the District Legislative Project in each budget year like was done during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf.

Rep. Joe stressed that the introduction will make significant impact on their legislative projects.

The Grand Bassa lawmaker spoke at the launch and ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a 12-bedroom health center in Lloydsville Township, Electoral District # 1.

The cost of the 12-bedroom health center undertaken by District 1 Representative Isaac Bannie is put at ninety five thousand United States dollars and is expected to get budgetary support as the House of Representatives is set to pass the budget on today, Monday, April 29, 2024

According to Rep. Joe, his commendation was predicated on the support pledged by Speaker Koffa to stand with them to ensure the project succeeds.

The House Speaker had said while performing the launch that the 55th Legislature primary focus is on health care and education.

He called on district one constituents to rally around Rep. Bannie and take ownership of the project with their support.

“What your Representative is about to do is for everyone and not for him and his family,’’ Rep. Joe told the citizens.

At the same time, Rep. Joe praised health workers for their support, but was quick to advise them on the maintenance of the facility when completed.

Meanwhile, the ground breaking ceremony was attended by Senator Milton Findley and some Representatives of Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus.

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