Liberia: Women Forum Calls for End to Political Rhetoric Amid Rising Tensions


The Liberia Women Forum (LWF) has issued a call for the dampening of escalating political rhetoric in the country. As an advocacy group focused on women’s welfare, the LWF emphasizes that such tensions do not bode well for ordinary citizens, especially women and children. When politicians engage in infighting, it undermines the well-being of the population they are meant to serve.
In recent times, Liberia has witnessed heightened political discord, with citizens expressing dissatisfaction across various sectors. The LWF, in a statement, highlighted the government’s responsibility for the safety of all Liberians, regardless of their status. Consequently, the LWF urges the government to take decisive action to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control.
Madam Kadi Coleman Porte, President of the Liberia Women Forum, also expressed concern about the prevailing political climate. “We, of the Liberia Women Forum, are concerned with the kind of political tension in the country. If you listen to the radio or watch the internet talk shows, you hear a list of grievances from all walks of life”. While all of this is important for our democracy, Madam Porte strongly condemned speech that fosters division among Liberians and has the potential to incite violence.
The LWF calls on the government, led by President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, to listen to the people and create an inclusive environment. While acknowledging that the government is still in its early stages, the LWF encourages swift action against any government officials involved in witch-hunting. “It is essential to maintain stability and address grievances constructively as Liberia navigates its political landscape.”
The Liberia Women Forum president is calling on the international community and civil society organizations to join forces to help the government of Liberia in maintaining the peace. “Liberia is all we have, and we must do all we can to protect the peace in our country”, Mrs. Porte concluded.
The Liberia Women Forum (LWF) is a non-governmental women advocacy group that seeks the welfare of underprivileged Liberian women.
The group has embarked on projects to help women improve their lives by providing funds to open small businesses and to find jobs to sustain themselves. The group also provides scholarships to deserving girls at various schools. One of their most recent projects was to settle the outstanding bills of thirty new mothers at the JFK Maternity Center, which allowed them to go home to their families.

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