l‘Threat Against Mayor Koijee will be taken seriously’

…says Cllr. Johnson


The lawyer of the Monrovia City Corporation(MCC), Jefferson Tamba Koijee, Cllr. Arthur Johnson, has announced that action would be taken against individuals on social media threatening his client and national security.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday, March 6, 2023, Cllr. Johnson said since the death of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott’s daughter, some individuals and personalities began to frame the performance of Mr. Koijee through his worker Varlee Telleh.

The Mayor lawyer said Cllr. Jerome Verdier, a former Chairman of the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), who has accurate records of those disarmed individuals who committed crime against the state and that whatever he says in the public is believed, but was rather misleading the public on Spoon Talk that Mayor Koijee allegedly hired Telleh to kill former Chief Justice Cllr. Scott.

The lawyer furthered that the former TRC Chairman did not provide evidence of said allegations against Mr. Koijee rather than propaganda against his client.

Cllr. Johnson indicated that considering the role played by Cllr. Verdier as former Chair of the TRC, which permits him to have accurate records of those disarmed, people believe whatever he says in the public, and as such, he should not abuse this public trust.

He mentioned that Henry Costa also posted on his Facebook and termed Mayor Koijee as the most dangerous and greatest threat to the nation, stressing that such statement has the propensity to kill the Mayor.

“Jefferson Koijee is the most dangerous person in Liberia. If we, in the opposition, don’t find a way to stop him, he will order the murder of more innocent people and use fear and intimidation to weaken us! He’s the greatest threat to our nation!,” Costa posted.

Cllr. Johnson emphasized that Costa post is cyber and hate crime in which he is politicizing the death of innocent Charloe Musu daughter of former Chief Scott.

“These irresponsible propaganda messages threaten the peace and stability of Liberia and his client. Therefore, I want the US Government to have a concern that a Liberian is undermining the peace of his country and Liberians are not willing to return to the dark days of the civil war,” Cllr. Johnson maintained.

Cllr. Johnson pointed out the former Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Ambassador Thierry Genesis posted on facebook: “If nobody kills Koijee now, he will keep killing innocent people while CDC police cover his crime”.

Another individual went under Costa post and stated that, “Koijee needs to kill the ECOWAS Representative then draw the attention of the international community.’’

“Costa, Verdier, Genesis and others’ allegations or comments should be investigated by the international community and national government and I frowned at the unregulated social media system in Liberia,” Cllr. Johnson stressed.

MCC Mayor’s lawyer asserted that with such statements, his client through him, has written a formal complaint to the Ministry of Justice and served copies to the international community to bring these threats messages against his client.

Additionally, Cllr. Johnson called on all leaders within the opposition political parties to debunk propaganda and statements coming from Costa, Verdier and others linking his client to the death of former Chief Justice’s daughter.

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