LIBERIA: PUL unveils Latest Media Alert Report to Safeguard Journalists


The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) is proud to unveil its latest Media Alert Report, a critical component of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of media practitioners throughout Liberia. This report serves as a beacon against impunity and underscores our dedication to preserving the freedom of the press across our nation.
The Media Alert Report is a comprehensive document that chronicles a wide range of incidents, including attacks, threats, lawsuits, and intimidation faced by Liberian journalists. These occurrences may be instigated by state actors, non-state entities, political supporters, and even some members of the public. Additionally, the report meticulously examines ethical lapses within the media community, acknowledging that self-reflection and accountability are vital aspects of our profession.
Within the Media Alert Reports, we will also delve into critical analysis of the prevailing trends within the Liberian media landscape. This assessment is essential to understand the conditions under which journalists operate, including the support, or lack thereof, provided by state actors in facilitating a conducive environment for the media to flourish.
This Media Alert Report is an integral facet of the Press Union of Liberia’s mission. Covering incidents from January to the present, it continues our tradition of quarterly documentation of attacks and intimidations against journalists and media workers. Furthermore, we will enhance our efforts by providing monthly updates during election periods, recognizing the increased vulnerability of journalists during these critical times.
The Press Union of Liberia remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting and protecting the interests of media practitioners across the nation. We urge all stakeholders, including government authorities, civil society organizations, and the general public, to join us in our collective efforts to ensure a vibrant and unrestricted media env

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