Former Nimba Senator Thomas Grupee, who just returned from a health trip abroad, has made public his reappearance on the political stage, saying he is about to.embark upon a county- wide consultation with youth groups and potential stakeholders which will inform his decision as to which political way Nimba should turn come October 10, 2023. Senator Grupee said as a politician he finds it compelling to be a part of the decision that will see Liberia under the umbrella of peace and stability for the next six years.

Senator Grupee said at this point in time when the nation and people were at the critical cross road politically, it’s justifiably prudent to sit with his people and hear from them before making a decision. Senator Grupee, an executive member of MDR party where Senator Prince Johnson formerly served as chairman, further indicated that it will be suicidal to sit and allow his people to make what he termed as dangerous mistake that could lead to a possible major setback that could injure the peace we all enjoy.

He made these and other political statements at his Duport Road Residence outside Monrovia where a group of Nimbians had gone to welcome him back home. He used the occasion to appeal to the consciences of the people of Nimba not to allow themselves to be moved by sentiments or tribal affiliation, something he said is not healthy for our struggling democracy. Asked why he could not support the Unity Pafrty(UP) and MDR he said politics is about making decisions based on prevailing time and condition. He reserved comment on the circulating news that he will throw his hat in the race but said there was an unhatched decision in his mind.

While expressing the need for the sitting Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson, who is generally referred to as PYJ to be politically retired having exausted his political relavance, the Nimba former senator has also underscored the need for the establishment and enforcement of the war crime court in Liberia at this time. He said unless the war crime court is established to prosecute all those who wantonly destroyed innocent lives under the cover of the dark days, Liberia will continue to experience growth of villians against civilians and go with impunity. He said there are dozens of, who arrogantly claimed the title of a hero when in fact they should be reduced to the level of a zero in society given their past evil deeds. Senator Grupee said he could not make this recommendation at the time when he was serving as senator because according to him, ” the time was not suitable from where I found myself”.

Meanwhile, a representative candidate on the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) CDC ticket for District #5 Nimba County, Dr. Peter Weato has described Senator Grupee as “BIG FISH’ meaning an important political trump card when it comes both Nimba and national politics. He said Senator Grupee remains the title bearer as a man of the people, man with marked integrity whose decision is pivotal to the growth and development of Nimba County

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