Early Drop Out

…Presidential Aspirant bows Out of Race


The 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections are just seven months away and hopefuls are becoming to drop along the road side, as the process in itself requires a whole lot of serious funding, time, commitment and other sacrifices.

First of those in chasing the nation’s highest seat to back off from the process is Mengistu Wolokolie, citing lack of finances to support his quest, coupled with what he sees as the people’s desire for continuity of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led-Government.

“To all my supporters and well-wishers, if you feel let down by this announcement, I sincerely apologize. I am suspending the campaign for President of Liberia. I am suspending my campaign not because I’m not too fond of the grueling task of traveling all over the nation, because that is what I enjoy the most. Not because I don’t think I can win, and not because I don’t think I will be a great president, but because I don’t have the resources to go on any longer. What I can and could do with my limited resources cannot take this campaign to the next level,” said the young Wolokolie at a news conference held Monday, March 6, 2023 in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

“To my fellow citizen, these are not the people needed to run the affairs of this nation, but these are the people we will pick. We will support them because of tribalism, political party affiliation, and age discrimination. It seems that we need six more years of suffering to see it. But at least this time, Liberian citizens will not have any excuse as they didn’t have a choice,” he furthered.

“So, to my generation, you are not ready for our relationship with the future Liberia. You are not thinking about your children’s future. You still see your future in these same old folks. You think they are working in the nation’s best interests. Right now, you are more worried about your life. Since you can’t see your children’s future in me now, I have decided to suspend my run for President of Liberia,” he indicated.

Though he is leaving the race, Mr. Wolokolie says his arms remain opened to whoever becomes the eventual winner to discuss what is in the best interests of Liberia.

“Finally, to whom ever is elected the next President of Liberia, you have a new breed of politicians to deal with while in office. We will come to the table to discuss what is in the best interests of Liberia. When you deal with me, know there will be no self-interest on my part,” he noted.

The young Liberian politician also called on Liberians to gather in their numbers to get registered to vote in the ensuing electoral process as this is in the best interest of the country.

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