Liberia: CSO Group extols Speaker Koffa for upholding the Rule of law …Says He is a True Patriot of Good Governance


The Independent Societal Watch Advocates (ISWA) has welcomed and extoled recent decision of the 55th National Legislature headed by Speaker J. Fonati Koffa for the passage of the War and Economic Crimes court to be established in Liberia.

ISWA in a release issued in Monrovia recently, 2024 from the office of the organization, ISWA indicated that the farsightedness of legislature to have agreed for the establishment is a milestones achievement for the current leadership of the 55th Legislature, which is been headed by Speaker Koffa.

“We assemble here today on this 6th day of March, 2024 to provide our perspectives and thoughts in regards to the establishment to the court, we believe, when the court is established perpetrators will be brought to book and they will pay for their actions.”

ISWA says it has witnessed the eager call made by scores of Liberians years back for the establishment of the court, which it couldn’t have seen coming to light under any speaker so easily.

“We are overwhelmed that this is coming to actualization, therefore, we think it’s important to extol the leadership of the legislature, they have proven all rights that their constituents actually elected them to come and do the work of the Liberians people.”

The group through its National Coordinator said though they applaud the House of Representatives for passing a resolution, which will pave the way for the establishment of the court, ‘‘we are counting on Liberian senate to expeditiously concur,’’ the group said.

The group also commended the office of the speaker for ensuring that the establishment of the Assets Recovery Team take effect, which will ensure that those who stole public funds, and diverted same for personal wealth are made to restitute, we hope this will go beyond mere pronouncement, the group said their advocacy for the establishment of the court is gaining fruition, the group lamented.

The independent Societal Watch Advocates (ISAW) is a conglomeration of conscious minded independent rights advocates, whose quest is to ensure that Liberia as a country is on a path of good governance and adequate representation for it citizenry and respect for the rule law.

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