LRP Political Leader preaches Doctrine of Equality, Others


As he got the preferment as standard bearer of the Liberia Restoration Party (LRP), the new face of the party has outlined basic ingredients that the country needs or would need in order to move forward on par with the comity of other nations across Africa and the globe.

Allen Roosevelt Brown, the newly elected standard bearer of the LRP, says if Liberia is to move forward, there must be equality and a respect for a rule of law, something he noted, an LRP-led administration would endeavor to achieve.

“If Liberia to move forward, if our society is to move forwards, there must be a respect for a rule of law. In this new Liberia there should be justice for all and there will be under the LRP,” stated Mr. Brown.

According to him, there is an urgent need for a Liberia that is on the horizon of equality, integrity and unity and transformation, growth acceleration and restoration, stressing that these are the things LRP will be emphasizing.

“We need a new Liberia that is air and compassionate. We want a new Liberia in which our children will come up well. We need a better breed of children for a better tomorrow and the best way we can attain that is to create opportunities. Without creating opportunities, this cannot not be possible, because broken children leads to broken adults and broken adults leads to broken society,” Mr. Brown furthered.

The LRP political leader named quality education, good healthcare and employment including youth and women empowerment as well as judicial reforms as the cores of LRP’s vision.

“The youth are the direct driving force of a nation and as such, they must be given opportunities, opportunity in education, sports, arts and the fine arts, and the idea is to make sure that whatever your gift in you, you will have the opportunity to maximize that gift. The new Liberia has to understand that women’s rights are fundamental, the rule of law is followed, justice is dispensed without fear of favor,” he explained.

Mr. Brown also outlined the issues of clean water supply and affordable electricity as things to consider for the growth and development of a new Liberia.

“The issue electricity must be taken into key consideration and my leadership is going to ensure that. Liberians and Liberia will remain poor in absence of accessible clean water supply and affordable electricity. If clean water is not inaccessible and electricity is inaccessible to the vast majority of the nation, the people will remain poor. So I am going to make sure that our people throughout the length and breadth of this country have access to clean water and affordable electricity. I will lead by example and I will give room to religious tolerance. We will work to ensure all tenants of democracy by having an independent judiciary and Legislature,” added Mr. Brown.

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