PUL urges Speedy Investigation into armed robbery

…At the Residence of Ex-Chief Justice


The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has called for a speedy investigation into the armed robbery attack on the home of former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu-Scott.

The PUL, in a press release, said bringing the perpetrators to justice will further instill confidence in the Country’s security system.
It said free movement and rights to security by all Liberians should be enjoyed at all times.
0Meanwhile, the Union’s President, Charles Coffey, further urged the Justice Ministry to increase security through various security institutions to ensure the safety of Liberians.
He believes unscrupulous individuals in society may want to use the election period to create havoc, to duly undermine the peace and security of the country

It can be recalled that on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, armed robbers attacked the Brewerville residence of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott, which resulted in the death of her daughters and another being critically injured.

The attack, which has been widely condemned by Liberians from all walks of life including the opposition and civil society organizations, was the third in a wave of attacks reported by her, without any security intervention or inquiry.

In an interview with the media following the tear-jerking incident, Cllr. Scout questioned the motive of her attempted assassination as she mourns her daughter who got killed in the mayhem. ‘‘What did I do, my people what did I do to people that they want my life? Y’all please ask the question Y’all who on my side. What are you people hearing that I did? I don’t want to be President, I don’t want to be Senator or Chairman of any political party here, so why are they after me?,’’ the former Chief Justice of Liberia uttered. FWHAT DRONT SLIDERNEWS

The former Chief Justice currently serves as the Lead Counsel of the Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence’s faction of the opposition Liberty Party(LP), pleading legal cases filed against Senator Lawrence and the others by the party’s Chairman Mr. Musa Hassan Bility. For nearly three years now, the Liberty Party has been involved in controversies following the election of businessman turned-politician, Musa Hassan Bility, who has been accused of allegedly altering the party’s constitution, an allegation Mr. Bility has since rubbished.

The persistent armed robbery attacks on the home of Cllr. Scott would claim her life and the lives of other family members if the government continues to play deaf ears to the need to provide security for her and her immediate family members in the midst of a politically charged terrain and either ongoing or pending high-profile political cases ahead of the elections slated for October of this year. These attacks appear to be intimidation tactics being implored by some perceived political opponents to acquire sensitive legal documents, and discourage or get rid of Cllr. Scott.

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