By Aaron NEMAH


Pleebo-Maryland: A fourty-two year old man identified as Mathew Sieh was found dead along the stream in Gebio Community, Pleebo District.
The body was discovered by community dwellers during the morning hours on Monday Feb. 12, 2024. The lifeless body of Matthew Sieh puts fear among citizens causing the quick intervention of the Liberia National Police and some health practitioners headed by D. Banney Neufville.
Meanwhile, a fifteen men jury was setup in order to examine the actual cause surrounding his death. But according to medical reports, Mathew Sieh died as a result of sustaining multiples wounds on the forehead, with an internal bleeding on his back, including his right ear and left foot, while body’s part were intact.
” As medical practitioners we have come to carried on an examination on the lifeless body, but we also observed that, no body’s parts were missing after our examination and the discovered body been here for an hour and nobody to identify it,” D. Banney Neufville said.
Speaking with community dwellers,” Mathew Sieh was known as a notorious criminal and everyone in the community used to be afraid of him. The decease used to confiscate people’s properties to survive,” they stressed.

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