Pleebo- Maryland: Students and lecturers from the college of agriculture at Williams V.S Tubman University on Tuesday Feb. 20,2024, got engaged in an intensive awareness and recruitment exercise for prospective high school graduates to see agriculture as their career in the upcoming years at the University.

The awareness exercise which was climaxed today at the Sodoken Extension High School, brought together faculties and Students of the institution including Miss Amita, lecturer at the Williams V.S Tubman University.

Addressing this paper on Tuesday, the official spokesperson for the students of agriculture Mr. Dekemu Paye said, the program is actually intended to incorporate high school Students who are to sit for the upcoming TU entrance and to passion agriculture as their career.

According to him, it’s pretty much essential to prioritize agriculture, something which according to her, will help to boost and standardize the economic status and minimizing high income for ordinary citizens.

He at same time emphasized that, prospective high school graduates subscribing to the program will also create job avenue and better the lives of people in the next few years.

” As a lecturer and Students from the college of agriculture, we have deemed it necessary to move from school to school creating an awareness to incoming high school graduates to look at agriculture as a number one key factor that needs serious attention,” Pro. Paye noted.

Speaking further, the professor lamented that, they are ready and fully prepared to financially support incoming high school graduates who are desiring in the field of agriculture at the University.

Meanwhile, as they have strived recruiting members in the agricultural field, the students from the college of agriculture are calling on the Ministry of Agriculture to intervene and make available agricultural tools to continue with the program.

According to the students of Agriculture, government acting speedily will help foster the growth, development and improve the agriculture sector in the country.

” We’re self-supported branch and have not gotten any support from NGOs, Companies or Politicians to enable us expand the program beyond Maryland County. However, we are also appealing to good humanitarians, companies, NGOs, and Politicians to buttress our efforts and consider agriculture as one of the vital components to sustainability in today’s rotation,” they explained.

For their part, Students and teachers of the Sodoken Extension High School appreciated the team for such an initiative. According to them, they fully accepted and will differently work in line with the college students and invest into agriculture despite the challenges.

They used the medium to encourage their fellow counter parts to venture into agriculture, as it’s paramount and key instrument to stabilize Liberia’s Economic.

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