LIBERIA: New LBR Boss Promises Reforms


The new registrar general of the Liberia Business Registry (LBR), Madam Patience B. Randall, has vowed to transform the registry. Madam Randall was appointed head of the LBR by President Joseph Nyuma Boa kai on February 13, 2024, replacing Mr. Sampson M. Dee, who served the agency from March 8, 2018 to January 22, 2024.
Addressing a team of reporters at the LBR’s head office in Monrovia on Monday, March 18, 2024, Madam Randall promised to institute reforms that would see the Liberia Business Registry compared to other regional bodies.
A response to frequently asked questions on the website of the Liberia Business Registry says: “The registration process can take several weeks, depending on the completeness of the submitted documents and the workload of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry”.
Madam Randall disagrees and thinks the “several weeks” taken to have a business registered could serve as a recipe to discourage citizens from establishing businesses in the country. The registrar general is keen on ensuring the process of obtaining a business registration certificate doesn’t take more than a day.
“Under our leadership as registrar general of the Liberia Business Registry, we will ensure that no one will take more than a day to have a business registered once that person meets all the basic requirements. There’s no reason why someone should take a week or more just to get a document that can be obtained in one day”.
At the moment, the LBR activities are not decentralized, comparing applicants to visit the head office of the entity in Monrovia to get a business registered. To breach this gap, the LBR boss now makes decentralization of all Liberia Business Registry activities a major priority.
“It doesn’t make any sense to me for someone to leave from Grand Kru or Maryland to come here to get a business registered. Under our watch, that will not happen. We will take our services to the people in the counties”.
Madam Patience B. Randall takes to the job a huge wealth of experience in the Liberian corporate industry. Before joining the LBR, she served as the assistant director general for administration at the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP). She had satisfactorily served in different capacities at the country’s biggest social welfare body, a feat that led to her appointment in the last role served.

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