LIBERIA: LRA Boss On Cutting Wastes & Leakages to Hit US$1 Billion in Revenue Collection


The Liberia Revenue Authority(LRA) Commissioner General James Dorbor Jallah has affirmed that reducing waste in government operations and addressing revenue leakages are essential steps towards raising domestic resources for impactful national development initiatives.
Commissioner General Jallah emphasized that reaching the one-billion-dollar revenue collection milestone is feasible through deliberate and pragmatic measures to rectify policy shortcomings that currently allow for undue waivers and revenue losses.
His remarks came during a national dialogue organized by the USAID Local Empowerment for Accountability and Decentralization (LEAD) forum held in Monrovia. The forum serves as a platform for stakeholders to discuss strategies for enhancing domestic revenue mobilization while ensuring transparency and accountability in governance.
The USAID-LEAD project is dedicated to supporting Liberia’s efforts to strengthen domestic revenue mobilization, promote transparency, and empower local communities through decentralization initiatives aimed at improving service delivery across the nation.
CG Jallah highlighted the pivotal role of the USAID-LEAD project in bolstering the revenue base of Liberia, thereby facilitating sustainable economic growth and development.
In her address at the event, US Charge’ D Affairs Catherine Rodriguez underscored the strategic objective of the five-year LEAD project, which is to assist the government of Liberia in generating revenue in a transparent and accountable manner.
Madam Rodriguez further emphasized the importance of holding individuals accountable for misusing and fraudulently squandering government resources as the nation strives to achieve its ambitious one-billion-dollar revenue target.
The remains committed to working with partners to curb waste, enhance transparency, and strengthen revenue mobilization, aimed at fostering sustainable development and prosperity for all Liberians.

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