LIBERIA: High-Level Delegation of Women from South Sudan visits Liberia Female Lawmakers


As part of their visit, the women recently visited the capitol building where they met with some members of the Liberian female legislative caucus. As the most senior terms of raking, Senate pro-Tempore Nyonblee Karnga- Lawrence hosted the guest.
The delegation made of predominantly women had the opportunity to have hours with the senate Pro-Tempore Karnga-lawrence were they share experiences and personal stories about their challenges of being a woman an in politics.
During their interaction she encourage members of the Sudan women delegation to strive for better leadership and women participation because according to her they will not get it easy especially in an African dominance society where men are dominance in governance.
As one of Liberia’s proudest moments, the Pro-temp referenced the strive made by Liberians by electing the first female President of Africa, a record, she noted, worth celebrating.
While sharing her story, and experiences, she encouraged the South Sudan Women delegation, that the most important thing to do as a parliamentarian is to always make sure to do what is right in the interest of the ordinary people.
She encouraged the team of South Sudanese Women legislators, to always support each other especially creating the avenue for other young women who are striving to climb to national leadership but do not have the necessary support.
Also, in attendance were; Senator Darbah Varplah of Grand Cape Mount County, Representative Moima Briggs of Bong County and Senator Gboto Kanneh oof Gbapolu County.
Presenting the overview of the delegation`s visit, Madame Jackline Nasiwa noted that their visit to Liberia particularly the female legislative caucus was to learn from Liberia`s proud democratic history and how Women are making their way into it gradually.
Madame Nasiwa and others from the delegation named the success stories of the female legislative caucus of Liberia, Law protecting female participation, Women candidates getting funds for their campaign among several other things as issues or concerns they have come with in other to learn from their colleagues from Liberia.
Madame Jackline Nasiwa: “We are happy to be in Liberia, we have heard of your great history and it is an opportunity to be here and learn from you; South Sudan has learned of such history in Democracy and remains proud of Liberia, our Women legislative Caucus is a young body which was establish in 2006 and that is why we have come to learn from you in Liberia.”
The delegation comprise officials from diverse organizations including the Political Parties Council, Transitional National Legislative Assembly, Judicial Reform Commission, National Transformational Leadership Institute (University of Juba), South Sudan Women’s Coalition, Centre for Inclusive Governance, Peace and Justice, National Press Club of South Sudan and UN Women South Sudan.

The visit aims to foster collaborative learning and knowledge exchange for South Sudan counterparts in preparation for their first ever General elections in December 2024.
The sharing of experiences between government and civil society electoral stakeholders from South Sudan and Liberia will spotlight innovative strategies employed by diverse electoral stakeholders to address structural barriers to women’s participation in public life and to address Violence Against Women in Elections.
The delegation is expected to meet with various stakeholders such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Representative in Liberia, Government officials including Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, the National Elections Commission, the Justice Sector and Women Legislative Caucus of Liberia. The delegation will also meet the United Nations Country Team in Liberia.
Special emphasis will be placed on dialogue sessions to understand and address the challenges hindering women’s political participation.
Members of the delegation are; Lona James Elia Luduro, Deputy Chair, Jackline Matteo Gaza Sereru, Rebecca Aluel Mayor, Nuba Peresi, and Charity Yakob Kimbo from the Parliament.
Others are; the Transitional National Legislative Assembly of South Sudan, Dr. Angelina Mattijo Bazugba, Dean/Executive Director, National Transformational Leadership Institute-University of Juba, Ajonye Perpetua Paya Abraham, Secretary General, Judicial Reform Commission, Amer Deng Yak, Chair of the Women’s Bloc, Jackline Nasiwa, Executive Director of the Center for Inclusive Governance, Peace and Justice,Viola Matela Pascal amongst others.

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