By Aaron NEMAH


Pleebo- Maryland: Concerned Citizens in electoral District#2, Pleebo, have alarmed over the illegal selling of land by some local authorities in the District.

Over the weekend, during the super morning show on the Voice Of Truth Radio 95.5 FM, a local based station, radio participants expressed a level of dissatisfaction on ground that some local authorities are involved in the selling of land.

“We have observed that the land owned by the government of Liberia was given to the Nimely family to construct on It.” they said.

According to them, Mr. Aloysius Williams District Superintendent, and Wellington Kyne Pleebo City Mayor, are officials that are allegedly involved in the act.

“The piece of land which government also owned, that was turned over to the Chinese’s Company as base while constructing the Maryland road to River Gee County, a road that ended few years ago, was sold to some individuals while the piece of land is needed to be kept for future use.” The citizens said on radio.

Another area mentioned during the citizens’ disenchantment was the Pleebo and Harper High Way where a piece of land is also situated.

Meanwhile, the concerned citizens are calling on local authorities in the area to desist from such an attitude. According to them, it’s awful and has the propensity to undermine the law of the Country.

For his part, clarifying such an allegation, Wellington Kyne, mayor of Pleebo City said, such information is false and misleading.

“Citizens should not damage the reputations of those who are into leadership to cause division among us. We leaders know the effects of selling land illegally cuz it’s prohibited.” Mayor Kyne lamented.

The District Superintendent Mr. Aloysius Williams said, the issue of land case in the District is becoming serious, especially lying a false accusations against local authorities.
The District Supt. said, it will be prudent to seek information from authorities than to go about spreading information that will make the image of local authorities ugly and narrow.

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