The Director of the Executive Protection Service, EPS, on Tuesday February 6, 2024, declared the former head of LACE under the Weah lead government, WANTED for the illegal possession of EPS weapon.

According to a press release from the office of the new EPS director, the specifications of said weapon as followed: Serial #: 97344. Making #: 73. Weapon type: Norinco 22 pistol.

“Any law enforcement that comes in contact with Pepsi YEKE should have him arrested immediately, detained, and then contact the Executive Protection Service (EPS).” The press release stipulates.

The Director of the EPS, Sam GAYE, also indicated that Pepsi YEKE , former head of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment, LACE, is armed and very dangerous.

Responding to the Director of the EPS on the public notice made, Pepsi YEKE said that EPS Director Sam GAYE is “ignorant.”

“If you’re incapable of understanding the task at hand, seek guidance from your former colleagues rather than flaunting your ignorance. To date, I have not received a formal request for the EPS weapon legally assigned to me, yet you rashly label me as armed and dangerous.” Pepsi said.

The former LACE boss farther indicated that he gives the EPS Director 24 hours to retrieve his public notice.

“I consider this as a threat on my life and is asking you to retrieve your statement within 24hrs and follow the proper procedure.” Pepsi indicated.

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