At least ten persons have lost their lives in a land sliding incident in a Town called Chio in Rivercess county while tens of residents were underground at an artisanal mine site, in search of gold.

“We got up in the morning hearing people cry everywhere in the town. The sad news had hit us, and confusion was everywhere.” Samuel Guedens, a resident of the town, told this paper.

According to Guedens, families rushed on the scene to acquire about the fate of their relatives and love ones who had gone to the mine in search of daily bread.

Based on information gathered from residents, at least 31 persons were to be in the mine on Monday night in search of mineral.

So far, 10 bodies have been discovered, while the search team is still excavating to find out if there are still more people underground.

“I have not yet seen my son. I don’t know if he is still there…. Please ou all help me find him,,” A lady, in the 50, cries in search of her kid.

Around the hole already dug by the search team, are tens of villagers crying, some who have not yet seen their relatives and others who have seen theirs but lifeless.

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