A release from the media office of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) on Wednesday said that Cllr, Neto Zarzar Lighe, newly appointed head of the institution, has begun duties.

“The LiMA family welcomed Cllr. Neto Zarzar Lighe, Sr. as its new Commissioner/CEO at a very brief ceremony on Wednesday, at the Corporate Headquarters of the institution.” The press release indicates.
According to the LiMA press release, Commissioner/CEO Cllr. Lighe indicated in a succinct remark that he had taken on this new task to work in the country’s interest and to build on what he had just inherited.
The new Commissioner is quoted as saying that he is a dynamic person – a man of action, one who expects results – and not a man of many words. He pointed out that his administration would require professionalism, hard work, respect, and punctuality, but nothing based on mere friendship. He further emphasized that developing and maintaining professional behavior would be an essential factor in attaining success during his administration.
“The way we conduct ourselves, relate to one another, and approach our tasks all amounts to professionalism.” He said.
Commissioner Lighe then thanked the LiMA team for all the good work that they did over the years to keep the institution viable both here and abroad. He encouraged the workforce to continue to do the work at hand.

Earlier, while welcoming the new LiMA Boss, the Principal Director for Administration and Legal Services, Cllr. Nya S. Gbaintor encouraged the staff to continue working diligently while awaiting the new Commissioner’s strategic direction and guidance.
“Sir, this team is ready to work with you. We are a responsible and skilled team – waiting to work assiduously to ensure the accomplishment of your vision,” Cllr. Gbaintor said.
In remarks, the Officer-In-Charge and Deputy Commissioner for Financial Affairs, Emmanuel N. Reeves recognized and expressed his profound thanks and appreciation to the technical and administrative staff for their support during the transition period.
While welcoming Commissioner Lighe, Deputy Commissioner Reeves declared the affairs at LiMA good and averred that Commissioner Lighe has a talented, professional, and dedicated staff to work with. “We want to personally welcome you; we will follow your lead to ensure that this program and our national heritage remain vital,” the Deputy Commissioner said.

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