Liberia: Tweah, Murray, Finda and others on USA visa restrictions and Magniysky?


Reliable information received by this paper reveal that the United States Government has imposed visa restrictions and Magniysky on several officials of President George Weah’s government.

According to the information, those concerned are Finance Minister Samuel TWEAH, Lands and mines Minister Gessler Murray, NIC Chairman Molewuleh Gray, Justice Minister Musa DEAN, Deputy Minister of Lands and Mines Emmanuel Sherman and Chief of protocol Finda Bundo.

90% of those listed were the architects of the recent secret sale of Solway mining Company to Arcelor Mittal that generated 50 million for the Liberian Government, and said amount was subsequently dished out.

Recently, Mr. Alford B. Morgan the owner of International Logistics (Interlog) secretly crafted a deal with ArcelorMittal UK to sell the property of Solway Mining Inc. without the consent of majority shareholder Solway Swiss.

The fifty (50) million United States Dollars deal involves key people connected to the Weah led government. Dr. James Kollie a cousin of US sanctioned former Minister of States and Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, together with Finance Minister Samuel Tweah (also sanctioned under US Visa restrictions), Pro Temp Albert Chie, Minister of Mines Gesler Murray, Chairman of NIC Molewuleh Gray and Liberia’s Maritime boss Eugen Nagbe were accordingly involved in aiding Morgan to frustrate the investors.

“Sherman is the technical official so he receives all letters and emails from Solway Swiss. He ignored all our requests and orchestrated our expropriation. He was in the meeting on 14 December 2022 with Morgan, Murray, Somwarbi, Tokpah, Yealue and Thompson.” Koui Hilaire, a local official of Solway, told this paper before his sudden death in a tragic motor accident.

One of the reasons of this list by the United States could be the deliberate delay by the Liberian government to have the railway a multi-user one.

Despite several commitments and promises made, the Liberian government is yet to have this monopoly of AML on a state-owned property issue solved.

This has stalled the operations of an American company, HPX, in Liberia, something that is displeasing to authorities of the United States of America.

As matter of fact, the newly appointed Ambassador of the United States in Liberia came back on the issue during his confirmation hearing at the U.S. Senate recently.

Following the confirmation hearing of U.S. Ambassador Designate to Liberia, Mark Toner, the new Ambassador re-emphasized the importance of the multi-user railway for the Liberian economy.

“Meaningful progress on implementing multi-user access to Liberia’s railways is expected to be delayed until after the inauguration in January 2024 of the winner of Liberia’s ongoing Presidential election – of which the second round of voting takes place in November. Nonetheless, if confirmed, I will advocate both before and after the election for multi-user access.” Ambassador TONER said.

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