Pleebo– Maryland: Pleebo Sodoken District#2, Representative Hon. Anthony F. Williams has donated a brand new Ambulance to the Pleebo Health Center worth USD 35,000 with two hundred gallons of fuel including medical supplies for maintenance as his initial contribution to citizens in the District.
The donation exercise was made today Monday Feb. 12, 2024 at the Pleebo Health Center bringing together dignitaries, chiefs from different sectors, local authorities among other.
Presenting the Ambulance to the Pleebo Health authorities, “firstly I am grateful to the Almighty God for making me to become who I am today. Secondly, a big thanks goes to you for your tremendous efforts by electing me as your Representative.
As part of my commitment and dedication for electing me as your Leader, I have come to donate this Ambulance to u”, he said.
The Representative indicated that, when it’s a healthy live people will extremely be excited and at the same time go about during their normal activities for survival. He however used the occasion to admonish health authorities to make use of the vehicle for its intended purpose.
Receiving the items, the officer in charge of the Health Center Mr. Garrison Sayor commended Hon. Williams for his kind gesture. He stressed that, they will always look forward in receiving such kind gesture from him. Highlighting some mayor challenges confronting the institution, he pointed out the insufficiency of Ambulance to attain to emergency patients, low salaries of health workers, soft- standard fence for security protection among other are issues affecting them.
“Some of our workers left from Monrovia to Maryland and now working but low salary. For that reason, many of them are complaining about high expenditures and low salary. We’re therefore appealing to the national government headed by his excellences President Joseph Bokia to increase our salaries,” Mr. Sayor lamented.
For his part, Dr. Shadrick Gono lauded Hon. Anthony F. Williams for his intervention made towards both the health authorities and citizens.
” Hon Representative, words are inadequate to express, but we are appealing to honorable office to advocate for some of our health workers who are making low salary monthly to be increase. Even some of our workers who have higher qualification in the profession but salary is still low,” Dr. Gono stressed.
Meanwhile, Dr. Gono used the medium to encourage health workers to continue to remain committed and dutiful in saving the lives of people as things will subsequently get better.
Speaking on behalf of the local authorities, the acting city mayor Solomon S. Hne thanks Representative Williams for the gesture.
According to him, the donation of the ambulance serves as a shining example of collaborative efforts among government officials, health care providers, and community members to prioritize public health and well-being.
As the ambulance takes to the streets of Pleebo, it carries with it the hopes and aspirations of a community united in its commitment to ensuring that every individual receives the care and support they deserves.
In another separate development, Pleebo District Representative Anthony F. Williams delivers on campaign promises,’ dedicates a modern Town Hall in Old Lady Town.
Hon. Anthony F. Williams has officially dedicated a long awaited town hall in Old Lady Town, Pleebo Sodoken District.
The dedication ceremony, attended by a huge number of Old Lady Town and local officials, marks the realization of a key commitment made by Representative Williams during his election campaign.
Located at the heart of Old Lady Town, the newly unveiled Town Hall stands as a tangible symbol progress and community empowerment .
Equipped with modern amenities and versatile spaces, the facility is poised to serve as a dynamic hub for civil engagement, cultural activities, and public gatherings, fulfilling a Vital need with in the District.
Representative Williams in his address to the gathered audience, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the residents of Old Lady Town for their unwavering support and patience throughout the project’s development.

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