LIBERIA: ‘No need to Panic’ …CSA Boss assures Civil Servants


The Director- General of the Civil Service Agency(CSA), Josiah Joekai, has assured civil servants nationwide that there is no need to panic as they are working on a number of measures to ensure the smooth employees status regularization process.

As part of that process, Mr. Joekai further announced the extension of the compliance process from ninety days to one hundred and twenty days, which began from April 2, 2024 to August 2, 2024 respectively.

The move, he told reporters, is to ensure that spending entities do the needful while the CSA will use the time frame to deploy the needed logistics and analysts in order to complete the process.

Speaking to reporters recently at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism(MICAT) regular press briefing in Monrovia, he recalled that since the process started, dozens of civil servants have been eager to regularize their status, which he pointed out, is the right thing to do.

“They have been inquiring daily about the steps and procedures in the regularization process,” he stated.

According to the CSA boss, the crucial exercise, among other things, is to enable the CSA to have accurate data for each employee with regards to their qualification and processing of pension as well as other benefits.

Providing some legal backings, Mr. Joekai pointed out that Section 35 of the CSA Standing Order of 2012 provides, among other things, that Personal Action Notice is a process for new employment, promotion and transfer among others.

However, he disclosed that his predecessors have violated such thereby creating the current problems which he described as a share responsibility one.

“I assure all civil servants affected by this problem that it is a share responsibility,” he noted.

Mr. Joekai speaking further stressed that a bigger portion of the responsibility should be blame on government line Ministries and agencies for failing to comply with the crucial employment requirements while employees themselves should be blame for also failing to asked the necessary questions about their statuses.

At the same time, Mr. Joekai indicated that massive awareness through the media will be carried out nation wide to have the public adequately informed about the process.

Additionally, he also told reporters that they will share dates, timeliness and designated teams to begin the execution process at all spending entities as he assured all Human Resources Departments Heads that they will be informed in order have them adequately prepared for the process.

As the Personnel Action Notice Compliance Process is said to be continuing, the new CSA Head encouraged all civil servants to comply with the requirement process, which they are doing while also re-emphasizing that there is no need to panic because the CSA is working in their interest and for the betterment of Liberia at large.

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