LIBERIA: Ivory Coast assures Liberia of Assistance in Agriculture, Electricity and Security …President Boakai discloses


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has officially returned home following his one-day State visit in neighboring Ivory Coast.

Touched down via the Roberts International Airport(RIA) in lower Margibi County, the Liberian leader described his trip as fruitful.

Speaking to Execution Mansion reporters upon his arrival, President Boakai hailed his Ivorian counterpart for their willingness to assist Liberia in key areas.

He named some of the areas as electricity, security and agriculture, amongst others.

Speaking about electricity, he told reporters that Ivory Coast has agreed to expand its grid to Liberia in order to increase electricity supply to Liberia, which will eventually benefit the general population of the country.

The latest disclosure by Ivory Coast upon its execution will be a great boost to the country in the wake of unstable and challenging electricity issues in the country.

On security, he stressed that both countries are concerned about the issue in the sub region and have set up a joint commission in a drive to gradually address the situation.

As for the agricultural front, he pointed out that Liberia will top on the good experience of Ivory Coast as the 4th Food sufficient Country in the sub region in order to help strengthen Liberia’s agricultural sector.

“Ivory Coast has committed to help Liberia in so many ways and we are glad for that,” President Boakai added.

The Chief Executive promised to work along with his counterpart to further strengthen the already good ties and or relationships subsisting between the two countries.

Meanwhile, President Boakai, as part of his trip, met with the Liberian Community in Ivory Coast and was well received.

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