The four men who were released on Thursday by Criminal Court A are nowhere to be found according to the Liberian Minister of Information Ledgerhood Rennie. Speaking to DailyWatch News, the Minister said the acquitted ones have taken the large.

“They are nowhere to be found. They have totally fled and we don’t know their where about for now.” The minister indicated.

In October last year, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the national Security Agency received a tip-off from the US Embassy in Monrovia regarding a reported US$ 100 million worth of cocaine placed in a container for Monrovia.

Oliver Zayzay, a Liberian, was said to have booked three rooms at the Royal Grand Hotel for three of the ringleaders.

Gustavo HENRIQUE, a Brazilian, Abdulai DJIBRIL, a Portuguese and Malam Conte from Guinea BISSAU were part of an advanced team tracking the drugs its Liberia destination.

The suspects were apprehended and sent to court where all evidences were provided for the trial as they were caught red-handed.

To the utmost surprise of the Minister of Justice, all accused were declared “not guilty” on Thursday by Criminal Court A.

The Minister of Justice has described the verdict as appalling and something that undermines collective efforts of Liberia and international coalition to clamp down on the illegal transit of illicit drugs.
“If the Executive through the Joint Security of the country, working in concert with their international counterparts, is ramping up the strife to apprehend and bring to book illicit drug traffickers and money launderers, our drug laws must compliment such efforts through appropriate legislations, and the courts must be ready to act in conformity with the laws and gravity of the breach of our laws” Musa DEAN, Liberia’s Minister of Justice, said.
For the Liberian Minister of Justice the Criminal Court A broke the law because there were enough evidence provided.
“There was 100-million USD worth of drug stacked in a container that landed in Monrovia and the accused were caught red-handed attempting to take ownership of the container holding the illicit drug by attempting to bribe the businessman housing the container, yet the court through the empaneled 12-man jury said such brazen evidence didn’t warrant a guilty verdict. What more can the joint security and the Justice Ministry do to convince the court that the law was broken.” The Minister indicated.

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