Weala Resident apologizes to Jeety

For a wrongful smear campaign against the Indian Businessman and his company


A resident of Weala Town, Margibi County is apologizing to Indian Businessman Upjit Singh Sachdeva, who is generally referred to Jeety for a wrongful smear campaign he championed against the Indian businessman and his company for several months.
Mr. Jeety is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jeety Rubber LCC situated in Weala Town, Margibi County.
Osei Gbasakollie says he regrets his action which, according to him, has tarnished the hard-earned reputation of Mr. Jeety and his conglomerate, adding that he is very remorseful over his action and subsequently seeking the forgivingness of the business mogul.
According to a letter of apology addressed to Mr. Jeety, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper, Mr. Gbasakollie expresses regret for using Facebook postings to engage in what he termed as blackmailing, harassment, and intimidation via social media.
A fortnight ago, Mr. Gbasakollie took to Facebook to report about bad labor practice against the Jeety Rubber LCC. In his live podcast and postings, Mr. Gbasakollie said he was informed by some aggrieved workers of the company that the conglomerate was engaged in acts such as the lack of just compensation for employees, the inadequate supply of protective equipment to workers, etc., that were inimical to the survival of the labor force at the company.
However, Mr. Gbasakollie states in his letter that his action against Mr. Jeety and his rubber company was influenced by a report of bad labor practice he received from some former workers from the Jeety Rubber LCC.

Following his Facebook assassination of character comments, Mr. Gbasakollie says he got to realize that his informants’ contracts with Jeety Rubber LCC were not renewed, and that the information provided to him by the ex-workers was misleading. He said the following in his letter: “report about bad labor practice at Jeety Rubber LCC situated in Weala Town, Cinta Township, is false, misleading, and lacks the iota of truth.”
He says further that the intent of his action was not to cause harm to Mr. Jeety nor his conglomerates. Unfortunately, he adds, “my action has turned out to have a negative bearing and impact on Mr. Jeety’s reputation and subsequently projected his company as one of the conglomerates in Liberia that engages in bad labor practice. I highly regret my action. And, if the hands of time could turn back, I would have a second thought of planning and implementing my action against the Jeety Rubber LCC.”
He continues with his appeal, “Mr. Jetty, to err is human, and to forgive is divine. I want to use this medium to ask you to search your heart for mercy, empathy, and compassion towards me. I will never engage in such an uncivilized and unprofessional advocacy against you or any investors in Liberia. This is my promise to you: upon your acceptance of my apology, I shall embark on the same Facebook platform, used to bring your reputation to public disrepute, to retract all the negative words said against you.’’
Meanwhile, Mr. Gbasakollie is commending Mr. Jeety for his humanitarian work in Liberia, especially the feeding of the less fortunate in the Liberian society. He says Mr. Jeety’s feeding program clearly demonstrates his love for this country and its people, adding, Mr. Jeety’s humanitarian work in Liberia proves him as a truly philanthropist that any impoverished society such as Liberia would love to have.

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