TRANSCO CLSG assures Liberians of Stable Electricity


Liberia’s electricity network, which provides reliable power supply to the city of Monrovia and its environs, was put on the spot after consumers complained of recurrent power outages in various parts of the city.
In a statement released on Tuesday, April 25, the Management of TRANSCO CLSG notes that the outages were occasioned by a significant event, which included the process to energize the Botota substation in Bong County.

TRANSCO CLSG says the process of energizing Liberia’s fifth and remaining CLSG substation caused the system disturbance but is assuring the public that once the process is concluded, Monrovia and its environs will begin to enjoy reliable and affordable electricity.
A fully energized Botota substation will allow the Government of Liberia(GoL), through the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), to expand its electricity network to the southeast, northwest, and other parts of the country.
The General Manager of TRANSCO CLSG, Mohammed M. Sherif, explained that Liberia has five substations, including Botota, Yekepa, Mount Coffee, Buchanan, and Mano substations, which allow Liberia to deliver reliable power supply to communities along the CLSG line and the nearby counties.
He said the Yekepa substation has the capacity to transmit electricity to Nimba and parts of Bong County; the Buchanan substation will transmit electricity to Grand Bassa, River Cess, parts of Sinoe, and parts of Margibi Counties; and the Mount Coffee substation has the capacity to transmit electricity that can light up the entire Montserrado County.
He furthered that the Mano substation will transmit electricity to Cape Mount, Bomi, and Gbarpolu counties, while the Botota substation, which has been fully constructed, will transmit electricity to the central, northwestern, and southeastern parts of Liberia.
The Botota substation is crucial to Liberia’s electricity network because it has the potential to connect with the future St. Paul River hydroelectricity expansion project that is being prepared by the government of Liberia with the support of the World Bank.
Mr. Sherif pointed out that the TRANSCO CLSG management, along with the team from the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), are working to ensure Liberia’s electricity dilemma is addressed and that the Botota addition to the network has provided a much-needed boost to Liberia’s energy delivery to its people.
He said the system engineers have commenced restoration work to normalize power to all areas affected by the outage.
Meanwhile, the management of TRANSCO CLSG has reassured the GoL and people of Liberia of its unwavering commitment to improving unimpeded access to affordable and reliable electricity.

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