Alford Morgan, former CEO of Solway Mining Inc. Liberia, is said to have been engaged in fallacies about the acquisition of properties in the United States of America to dupe several investors whose misconception and myth have made them grant Alford Morgan the reputation of a successful and reliable partner.

According to a document in possession of this paper and photographs of the so called property, Alford Morgan has only one hut in the United States and a chicken coop.

About the private Jet Alford Morgan has been saying to possess, that is a complete and a mare fallacy designed to fool his interlocutors in order to get money from them.

“How can someone tell you in this country that they have a private jet in the United States and you just believe it without counter check? That sounds crazy.” A close friend of Alford who said to have seen so many victims told this paper.

One of Alford’s surrogates, Bill MURPHY, recently stated to some employees of Solway that his master has been stealing from Solway Group for years and planned to illegally take over the company just for himself with the assistance of a few conspirators.

Investigation by this paper has proven that Alford MORGAN’s only property in the United States is an old apartment in a worn-out shape (photo attached).

“He is very good at filling his victims’ heads with fallacies. He has always told people that he has a private jet. And those who listen to that have the tendency of believing such lies. He is very talented when it comes to fabricating misleading notion.” The friend told this paper.

“More than ever, Liberia needs serious investors to rebuild the nation. Fortunately, short minded people like Alford Boimah Morgan are only the exception and can’t tarnish the country’s peaceful business climate. There is abounding talents amongst our new generation of Liberians who are in need for real job opportunities and concrete infrastructure development. We can’t live on empty promises”, a youth leader told this paper.

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