The only Liberian owned fishing vessel is dying

-Owners call for help-


By: Zoom Lloyd Dosso Jr

The owners of the only Liberian owned fishing vessel Mr. and Mrs. Giah are calling on all government and private entities to please come and help rescue their vessel
Known as global 8 the vessel engine died on sea Friday night May 20, 2022, after leaving the port Friday noon with thirteen (13) crew members on board.
“It was Friday noon when the boat left port and went out but then that same Friday night, we got an emergency call that the boat engine had stop, when the engineer got there, he finds out that the fuel was mixed with water while trying to work on it that night a heavy storm came and wiped the vessel on shore
That night we call on the coast guard, and other entities for help but it was night we couldn’t get help” Mrs. Roseline K.S. Giah explain
The vessel which has been helping several Liberians and their families along with some foreign nationals since 2010 had been lying along the coast since with no rescue attempt made
“It was deputy commissioner Hon, Charles A Gono who came here and he made A call to APM terminal, NPA, to see if they could help and then APM terminal sent their representatives to do assessment they came that Friday and said they could help but they were coming back Saturday so they left but since then we haven’t seen or hear from them” Mr. Stanley Giah added

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