By The Editorial Team


Few months from now Liberians will be going to urns to make their choice on who should lead the great land of Liberty for the next six years. Following six years of leadership, George Weah, political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change, CDC, is seeking for a second term. Solidified by six years of leadership, George Weah is of course a major contender. In order to have a good political race in October, there should be a strong force facing the CDC of George Weah. The hope of those who are praying for such a formidable force is being dashed as Alexander CUMMINGS and Joseph BOIKAI are far to be getting on one ticket.


It is 11 AM at the red light market. Under the heat wave, our brave women in the market busy selling for the survival of their families. That does not stop them from sharing their mind on the ongoing political procrastination.

“Korlue, korlue hooo?” Martha called her friend Korlue. “What happens Martha? Why are you calling yelling with my name like that? Day now break for you again ehn nehn?” Korlue asked Martha.

“You paaa you like to make things big. I want to ask you about this election business. What our uncle Joe is saying about putting hands together with Cummings so at least they can have one strong group? I am hearing plenty things but I don’t know which one to believe. Since you your husband can go around the politicians dem, what they say about this thing?” Martha asked Korlue.

“My sister, this whole thing here is getting confusing now hoo.. My husband self when I ask him he can be turning his face different place like he is not hearing what I am saying. He used to tell me baby don’t worry these two people will get together and they will run on the same ticket. But now he can’t even say anything when I am asking him. May be these two people don’t want to come together and fight as one group.” Korlue replied.

Martha: “But Korlue hoo, why you think two big men like them will find it difficult to come together and be like one to run on one ticket?”

Korlue: “Power hoooo my sister. Power, that’s what all of them want so nobody wants to say let me be second to you. Uncle Joe wants to be number one and CUMMINGS too wants to be number one.”

Martha: “But wait now, these two people don’t know that if they go one by one the CDC will beat them flat? Even we who don’t know book we know that if they don’t put hands together they will not make with Jor Wiah. Anyway, our own we not get voice in their politics hoooo.”

Korlue: “Who say you not get talk in their politics? If you don’t go vote they will win? No. Ok so you have voice. Anyway friend, how business today?”

Martha: “Small small, we inside, ay fine girl come buy fresh okra and bitter ball. Let me look for food for my family yaaa..”

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