TECURD Graduates urged to develop, cultivate love for learning


By David A. Yates

The guest preacher of the Technocrats United for Reconstruction and Development Incorporated (TECURD), Reverend Theophilus A. Kiadii, has urged graduates of the institution to develop or cultivate a love for learning, which he said, will equip them to combat and overcome the difficulties their inevitably encounter in life.

Rev. Kiadii made the remakes Sunday, January 23, 2022, at the eight baccalaureate service of the institution, held in VOA #1 Road, Perry Town, Brewerville City, Montserrado County.

The Sunday’s baccalaureate service program brought together parents, TECURD institute staff, well-wishers, relatives, friends, and family members, among others.

Rev. Kiadii, who is also a Liberian-based Canadian, inspired the graduates to always cultivate a love for challenges and for overcoming obstacles that will come across them in whatever they become.

“I challenge you today to hate and frown on mediocrity; always seek the path of difficulty and excellence, for the easy path leads to the dangerous zone—don’t go for it. People of character and strength seek the greater rewards which are only found on the more difficult road. It is on this road that you build confidence within yourself and the tenacity to stir the challenges of life square in the face and conquer whatever it throws at you,” he told the graduates.

Sharing his thoughts with the graduates on the theme, “Cultivating Love for Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles” the Liberian-based Canadian preacher told the students to sacrifice everything to do what is right and good.

Rev. Kiadii said, “It is exciting that you are graduating from the wall of TECURD as a result of hard studies on your part, support, and other contributions from other sources including your parents and guardians, teachers, staff, friends, and relatives. This may be the first significant obstacle you have overcome in your lives,” adding that, Everyone is excited; your moms and dads and the community are all proud of you.”

He added that many, if not most of them, will be leaving home…may be going off to college or some other schoolings so that they can pursue a chosen career. And that is something you will do well to take note of.

“The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway,” said Rev. Kiadii with thunderous applause.

He further told them to be honest and transparent because it will make them vulnerable.

Rev. Kiadii also told the graduates to be honest and transparent because what they spend years building may be destroyed overnight.

According to him, God can give a reward for always seeking ardently what is truly good and truly right.

He, however, said that honor comes from seeking the good of others and not simply the good of yourself.

“As you venture out into the world, I urge you to be without fear in the face of your enemies, be brave and upright always,” Rev. Kiadii concluded.

Meanwhile, TECURD is also an academic, vocational, technical, elementary, and junior high school.


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