Stop signing Contract With Poverty …River Gee Citizens urged


With about ten months to the holding of Liberia’s Presidential and Legislative Elections this year, a prominent citizen of River Gee County, Jacob N.B. Parley,  is urging his kinsmen to elect people who are selfless and industrious  during the October 2023 Elections to represent the county at the legislature.



The veteran Liberian journalist said anything short of choosing people who have the River Gee at heart through their output will amount to signing contract with poverty.


According to the Mr. Parley, River Gee citizens may continue to go through dehumanizing conditions, including hardship, lack of basic social services, job opportunities, especially for the youth and other   sustainable programs once they do not use the ballot to change things around for the better.


Mr. Parley who was instrument in using his media skills to see River Gee become a county in 2000 said his heart always bleeds from a psychological stand point every time he reflects on the plight of his people.

He said one of the constructive ways to replace the lost years eaten by the locusts is for River Gee citizens to red card those who will be found to be selfish and unproductive at the level the Liberian Legislature by replacing them with those who will stand up to the task of giving the county an attractive and appreciable  face-lift in the areas of reconciling and uniting the people,  putting in place workable, sustainable and achievable programs and policies that will improve the living conditions of River Gee citizens.


Parley who was named by the River Gee Legislative Caucus   as Publicity Committee Chairman for the 2016 National Independence Day Celebration, of which River Gee was one of the political sub-divisions of Liberia to jointly host the program called on his kinsmen to equally graduate from celebrating lawmakers who have nothing substantial to point to in terms of helping the citizens walk out of poverty, but only wait for electioneering periods to   fool the people through handouts.


He said one of the best ways to determine who has made significant impact on the lives of the citizens is for voters to begin a critical, but professional review of the records of those who are currently serving at the Legislature in terms of the enactment of meaningful laws and policies directed toward addressing the daunting challenges being experienced by the county since its birth in 2000.


The former member of the River Gee for County   Publicity Committee also pointed out that   similar professional cross examination should be considered for legislative aspirants and others who are seeking re-election.


“It is totally disappointing to see politicians, mainly those with interest in elected positions to be presiding over huge sums of money, but prefer waiting for elections to play on our people’s minds by slaughtering cows and other domestic animals for merit- making, divide tobacco among our people in the name of identifying with them,” Parley said in a release.


According to Mr. Parley, his comments are informed by what he has been following from River Gee County, including accounts from ordinary people, as well as utterances arising from meetings and other gatherings of Rive Gee citizens in Monrovia and parts adjacent and back home.


The veteran Liberian journalist has meanwhile vowed to get actively involved in his county’s politics during the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, by collaborating with other well-meaning sons and daughters River Gee County to provide enlightenment about how important and powerful the citizens’ votes are and to also undertake a professional cross examination of those who have already begun seeking the people’s support as Liberians gear up for another electoral process in October 2023.




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