ZORGOWEE, 15 September 2022 – It is a raining day in Zorgowee, Joanna Fasu, 24, is being brought on a Motorbike to the pregnant women center adjacent to the maternity. Soaked wet, she disembarks the bike as water runs down from her head to the feet.

“I am feeling cold, I am very cold.” She says. “Welcome to the center. Go in there your colleagues will find you place to rest.” Suah Vankpanah, registered midwife, tells Joanna.

Zorgowee is the biggest village of the affected communities by the operations of SOLWAY. About 30 other affected villages that are not easily accessible by roads bring their pregnant women in Zorgowee’s maternity.

“I came to Zorgowee Clinic due to lack of health facility in my village ( Zoualay district #3) which is located at 31 km from here. The nurses have given a strong warning that no pregnant woman should give birth to a child at home. I came here for safe delivery and more especially for the help that SOLWAY is providing. I am really impressed with the development of SOLWAY so far, but we need bathrooms and toilets. I really want Solway to start their operations so that the community can benefit more.” Joanna FASU says.

Suah Vankpanah, is a registered midwife, she is taking care of delivery at the maternity of Zorgowee Clinic.

“First, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to SOLWAY for the projects that they are doing in Zorgowee especially at the Maternal Clinic Center. Some of the developments of SOLWAY came as a surprise to the community because of the challenges pregnant women are faced with. Solway has made me happy today by giving the pregnant women provisions, chairs, beds, and mattresses those materials were really needed but we still need more.” Suah Vankpanah says.

Every month about 20 pregnant women are brought in the maternity of Zorgowee. For Suah Vankpanah, this is a huge task.

According to Suah Vanpkanah, one the biggest challenges the maternity is faced with is the lack of space.

“At the Maternity Clinic in Zorgowee pregnant women are constantly challenged by fear due to the limited space of the facility. Pregnant women hearing and seeing the delivery activities of another woman may spread trauma which can lead to complication in giving birth. The clinic needs drugs, foods, and an extension for post-delivery. We also need ambulance in case of emergency because pregnant women are transported by motorbike and chariots.” Suah said.

Still talking about challenges the maternity of Zorgowee is faced with, Evelyn Saye, another pregnant woman who came from Yolowee a village situated at 32 km from Zorgowee, said they need more provisions and drugs from SOLWAY.

“I am from Yolowee a village that is located 32 km from Zorgowee. I am happy with the help that SOLWAY is giving us, but we need more provisions, drugs, and toilets. I say thank you for the headquarter that they are building for our nurses, and we really need an extension of the clinic for pregnant women.” Evelyne SAYE said.

When SOLWAY embarked on helping the pregnant women in Zorgowee in the middle part of 2022, 32 pregnant women were in this 7-bedroom apartment, sleeping on the bare floor. These women scarcely had a meal per day.

“When SOLWAY came in, we had only 4 old mattresses with holes in it. All 32 women had only one bucket to take bath and no bathroom. They were waiting for nighttime to take bath. The delivery room had only one mattress, when you have two women ready at the same time, some have to deliver on the bare floor.” Suah VANKPANAH said.

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