Senator Wesseh pays Volunteered Teachers in River Gee


It has been a long time since public schools teachers in River Gee County who were removed on payroll have not been paid and replaced, thus making academic activities retrogressing.

As a result some nationalist volunteer teachers came in to fill in the gap for the smooth running of public schools, and they themselves are facing extreme economic hardship.

The failure of government to settle teachers arrears and forcibly removed on payroll, academic activities came to a standstill for a period of time.
Being aware of the preparation of the future generation some patriotic Liberians took up the responsibility to devote significant portion of their time in the classroom.

In order to keep the doors of public schools open and functional in the county, Senator Conmany B. Wesseh who himself was a student leader during his youthful days in school used a significant portion of his income to pay volunteer teachers, something the government has failed to do over the years.

Recently, as it has been Senator Wesseh paid the volunteer teachers in the land space of River Gee who have been sacrificing to render academic programs to students attending public schools.

Speaking on behalf of the volunteer teachers, the former Principal of Twejayklay High School, Joseph Tanyon, who brook down in tears, lamented that they have been suffering for so long and therefore thanked Senator Wesseh for the kind gesture, stating that the senator is the only lawmaker who is always there to help them in times of difficulty to improve their worsening living conditions of classroom teachers.

Teacher Tanyon said the few teachers on government payroll alone can’t fill the gap of the schools, adding that the delay in the payment of those on government payroll could disrupt normal learning.

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