‘Rock and A Hard Place’ …Freeman’s MPC to make Choice Between CDC and UP


With a presidential run-off election all but certain, the Standard Bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MPC), Simeon Monseegar Freeman, says the MPC has no other option but to choose between the rock and a hard place options provided by Liberian voters.

Speaking at a news conference held in Monrovia at the weekend, Mr. Freeman pointed that although none of the two parties, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and main opposition Unity Party (UP) are good options to deliver the hope aspirations of Liberians, one of them is a lesser evil which he considers as a hard place, while the other is a rock that can’t be taken as an option for the people of Liberia.

Asked by this writer to identify the “rock” and the “hard place,” the MPC political leader indicated that, that decision lies in the general purview of the party to determine and not him, as an individual.

“What I can say is that the MPC will not be neural in the upcoming run-off, though the Liberian people provided us an option through their votes for us to choose between the rock and the hard place. We will discuss in house and then inform our supporter and the public which direction we are taking,” said Mr. Freeman.

“Again, Liberia is now heading to run-off and as I said, the choices given to us were not the best; notwithstanding, we will support a side and we will come with our financial and moral support. We will not be spectators.”

Mr. Freeman also questioned the accountability of the just ended electoral process as many of the cardinal issues were left with the National Elections Commission (NEC) to determine.

Many of the discrepancies, some of which were discovered, Mr. Freeman blamed opposition political parties for not holding together, but rather fighting each other.

“If we were together we would have asked for more accountability of the process. For instance, it was only NEC that determined who voted and who didn’t vote. The electoral process was not transparent and we must take full responsibility to the outcome,” he stated.

“Despite saying this, we are not encouraging people in the streets. Anyone who instigates violence will be held accountable because they let the process go on. We must learn from the process. The peace of this country will not be interrupted. Also, President Weah must understand that he is both a President and a candidate. The information mechanisms need to work among parties and he needs to call all of the actors because the peace of this country lies on his shoulders,” he added.

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