Revisit and Firmly respect the One-China Policy


REN Yisheng, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia
A group calling itself the Independent Workers Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (iMoFaWa) says its attention has been drawn to the over-expressed show of unfriendliness to the Government of the People’s Republic of China by the Government Liberia executed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah.

In a press release issued in Monrovia, the group claimed that for the third time Mr. Kemayah has given instruction for the Liberian Mission to the United Nations to cosign a resolution out of intractable bigotry condemning China for Human Rights violation particularly in its Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong kong territories.
The iMoFaWa called on Mr. Kemayah to revisit and firmly respect the One- China Policy and to strictly adhere to non-interference into the internal affairs of each other.

‘‘The continuous Liberia’s blind co-sponsorship of UN resolutions against China without an independent investigate is counterproductive and unaccepted to a mutually beneficial relation between our two countries. Liberia has been the only African country with diplomatic relations with China that is constantly sided or been influenced by western powers, especially the United States of America to conveniently speak against China on the world stage with absolute disregard to the African Union common position- noninterference- in the matter. The other African countries to have sided once with western government in this colossal hypocrisy are Swaziland and Somalia,’’ the group averred in the press release.
The iMoFaWa is convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that Mr. Kemayah is playing a dangerous international power politics between the United States and China to receive personal benefits especially regarding his alleged criminal mischiefs in the United States. Unfortunately, however, the eyes of Mr. Kemayah’s victims and their legal team look up to the US to serve justice, the group said.
Against the backdrop, and in consideration of the cordial relationship that subsist between the Republic of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China, the iMoFaWa called on President Dr. George Manneh Weah to commission an investigation on the ‘‘action’’ of Foreign Minister Kemayah for attempting to shift the trajectory of Liberia-China relationship.

More so, iMoFaWa wants the investigation to find out whether Mr. Kemayah’s actions are to his benefit or that of Liberia.

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