Rep. Kogar vows to win 3rd Term

……boasts of Massive Development in Nimba District #5


Nimba County Electoral District # 5 Representative, Samuel Kogar, has boasted of massive development carried out in his district since his ascendency to the Legislature.
Rep. Kogar was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2011, and based on his continuous advocacy, citizens of the area re-elected him during the 2017 Presidential Elections.
In a telephone conversation with the Director of Press and Public Affairs at the House of Representatives, Robert Haynes on the program “TODAY IN THE HOUSE” Rep. Kogar said based on engagements with other sectors, his district has experienced major improvement in the areas of healthcare, road connectivity, electricity, better communication system for his people, and education among many others, something he says are evident for his third term.
The Nimba County Lawmaker disclosed that he has also provided one million Liberian Dollars as initial funding for the empowerment of women in the area.
He has since vowed to win a third term, which will make him the first lawmaker from Nimba County to be elected three times.

According to the Nimba County lawmaker, it is common for lawmakers to seek re-election on the basis of development they have brought to their constituency during their previous term(s) in office. This is often seen as a way to demonstrate their commitment to serving the people and to justify their continued presence in office.

However, he said it is important to state that seeking re-election based solely on development achievements may not be sufficient.

‘‘A lawmaker like myself should also have a strong record of representing the interests of my constituents, engaging with the community, and working towards addressing any challenges faced by the constituency,’’ the veteran Nimba lawmaker asserted.
With barely 213days to the Elections, it is up to the voters to decide whether a lawmaker’s record of development is enough to warrant re-election. Voters may consider a range of factors when deciding who to vote for, including a candidate’s track record, vision, and ability to deliver on their promises.
Rep. Kogar serves as Chairman on the House’s Commerce and Industry Committee and Co-Chair on the National Security Committee.

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