Public Concern mounts Over Lack of Traffic Lights At Major Intersections


Despite the pronouncement of a Presidential flagship project for the installations of pedestrians’ crosswalks and traffic lights at major intersections, majority of the intersections are still empty without these lights installed.

The lack of pedestrians and traffic lights at these intersections and crossing points has left only the police in charge to control vehicular movement and human crossing, something which at times poses serious danger, thus leading to public concern.

It could be recalled that following President George Manneh Weah’s pronouncement in 2018, a contract was then signed between the Government of Liberia (GoL) through the Ministry of Public Works and Philip and Associates, Incorporated on October 10, 2019 for the supply and delivery of pedestrians’ crosswalks lights and installation of traffic lights.

Following the agreement signed under the administration of late Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyeam, payment for the 70 percent was made by the Works Ministry upon request through Local Purchase Orders (LPO), and the contractor submission of valid delivery notes, goods receiving notes, business registration, tax clearance and cash invoices to prove that the services were rendered.

Predicated upon the contract with MPW, the supply and delivery of the lights, which constitutes 70 percent of the contract, was executed by Philip and Associates in 2021, but the remaining 30 percent, which has to do with the installations of the lights, was awarded to Alocean Group of Companies headed by its CEO Maxim Blaise.

Under the contract, intersections that the lights are to be installed include: Capitol Bye-pass, Vamoma, Nigeria House, ELWA Junction, SKD Boulevard Junction, Catholic Junction, 12th Street, Broad and Johnson Streets, Broad and Randall Streets, Vai Town, Freeport, Caldwell Junction, Caldwell Bridge and 20th Street.

However, since the supply and delivery of the lights barely two years ago, the remaining 30 percent of the work is still at a standstill.

At current, 20th Street, where a traffic light was installed, is the only point with a well-functioning traffic and pedestrian lights, and as such, this has drawn public attention.

“We are so concerned about this lack of traffic and pedestrian lights all over the place in Monrovia. I think it is a need for serious consideration by the government because our school going kids are at risk,” said Oretha Lymas, a resident of the City of Paynesville.

Like Oretha, several residents of Monrovia and its environs have expressed concern over the absence of these lights at major points.

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