PPCC Boss goes On A Knowledge-Seeking Mission For E-GP Adaptation


The Chief Executive Officer of the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC), Cllr. Jargbe Roseline Nagbe Kowo, is currently in the Turkish capital of Istanbul to participate in a Public Policy and Change Management Training program. She is accompanied by the Acting Chairperson of the PPCC Board of Commissioners, Hon. Bodger Scott Johnson and six other staff members of the Commission.
The training is particularly designed to build the capacity of PPCC staff to easily adapt to the changes that come with transitioning from paper-based or traditional procurement to an electronic procurement system, and to manage the associated impacts that come along with said change. The training commenced in the first week of February 2023 and is expected to last for two weeks, at which the participants will be awarded certificates of participation.
While in Turkey, the PPCC boss and members of the delegation will visit the Public Procurement Authority in Istanbul to gather Knowledge and share implementation experiences.
As part of the training objectives, the PPCC participating team will be able to clearly understand and describe the character of public bureaucracy, provide an analysis of the contrast between a classic Weberian bureaucracy and the type of public bureaucracy advocated by the New Public Management (NPM), explain the role of bureaucratic, political, and non-state actors in the policy process, contrast the various policy instruments and service-delivery mechanisms used in policy implementation and explain the factors shaping the possibility of successful policy implementation.
The team will also be able to explain the nature of accountability and comment on approaches to ensuring ethics in administrative governance, explain the significance of social diversity to the making and implementation of public policy and be aware of the relationship between social diversity and the “differential impact” of public policy.
Other areas of focus for the training include Public Policy and Administrative Governance, Public Bureaucracy in Theory and Practice, the Challenge of Policy Implementation, organizational change, understanding transitions, planning change, People and Change.
The training is facilitated by a London-based and internationally recognized training provider, BLACK BIRD, and it is funded by the World Bank through the Project Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP).

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