Police quizzing Court Bailiff Over ‘Rape’ Of Girl, 13, in Maryland

By Langston Joe Wilson, Maryland County Correspondent


Police in Maryland are investigating Joseph Pompom Sonpon, 37, for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl.

Sonpon, a Bailiff at the Gedetarbo Magisterial Court, was arrested along with an accomplice, Alphonso Togba, who allegedly facilitated the commission of the sexual abuse against the minor.

Sonpon reportedly raped the minor in early October in his room in the Zone-6 Community and later moved to Zone-8 over fear of being held for the act.

According to police account, suspect Sonpon had gone to visit Alphonso Togba in the same community where he came across the minor for the first time.

He told Togba that he got attracted to the minor and in the spirit of hospitality, Togba concurred to facilitate their relationship.


A moment after Sonpon left, and with the intention to have both of them connected, Alphonso Togba gave the victim a cell phone battery to take to the room of suspect Sonpon for charging.

“When I gave him the phone, he forced me into his room and raped me,” police quoted the victim as saying.

Preliminary investigation has, at the same time, shown that the suspect admitted to giving the minor L$3,000.00 to cover up but the victim revealed the offer to her parents following days of painful experience in her private part.

It was alleged that suspect Sonpon gave his cell phone number to the victim so she would call him for help to support her secret treatment.

Sonpon and co-conspirator Togba are incarcerated at the Pleebo Police Depot and are expected to be sent to court.







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