Forces of the French army on Wednesday, attacked armed forces of the Republic of Niger early in the morning, according to the spokesperson of the new Government of Niger.

“The Government of Niger hereby announces to Nigeriens and the international community the occurrence of grave events in our Republic, perpetrated by the French army. Today August 9, 2023, our Republican Guards in BUKUBUKU were attacked by forces of the French army. As of now we don’t know the casualty. What we know is that the action of the French army was intended to free the terrorists who were held as prisoners. These terrorists were regrouped with the intention of attacking our positions at the various bothers. The French forces picked up from Ndjamena in Chad at 6 am to attack Niger.” The spokesperson of the Government of Niger said in a nation’s address.

On July 26, 2023, elements of the armed forces of Niger staged a bloodless coup against President Mohamed BAZOUM. The head of states of the ECOWAS immediately organized an emergency meeting in Abuja and gave the plotters two weeks ultimatum to return power to BAZOUM.

This decision of the ECOWAS headed by Nigerian president, the Ivorian President, the Senegalese President and the President of Benin, was largely condemned by the Republics of Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mauritania and some Western Countries like Itali.

According to those countries, the decision of ECOWAS to use force against the new Government of Niger is not the proper answer.

Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, and Mauritania have decided to fight along Nigerien forces in case ECOWAS uses forces to remove the new leadership in Niger.

The new leadership of Niger has decided to cut off all accords signed with France because according to them, France is exploiting the resources of Niger and the country is getting nothing in return.

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