The military junta in Niger, the National Council for the Safeguard of the Nation, CNSP, has announced that it has called its Ambassador back from Ivory Coast because of statements made by Ivorian President Allassane Ouatarra following the recent summit of ECOWAS in Abuja on the 10th of August, 2023.

Alassane Ouatarra

“The National Council for the Safeguard of the Nation, CNSP, and the Government of Niger have followed with astonishment and stupefaction, extremely threatening statements made by the Ivorian President Allassane Ouattara, relaying and personalizing with a notorious and aggressively explaining the recent August 10 summit of ECOWAS concerning sanctions and decision taken against Niger and its people. Sanctions that are at the same time unique and illegal because of the precipitation that characterized them, attest the manipulation orchestrated by some external powers.” Col. Amadou Abdurahamane, spokesperson of the CNSP said on state television and radio.

According to the military Junta in Niger, these maneuverings by some leaders of ECOWAS with the Ivorian President being in the driver seat, cannot weaken the determination of Nigeriens to achieve the necessary change.

“These agendas are far from weakening the determination of Nigeriens to achieve the necessary change for redress of their country and the safeguard of the people’s interest. So it is with surprise that the people of Niger followed this apology of an armed agent against Niger advocated by Allassane Ouatarra of Ivory Coast in his determination to destroy Niger in the name of bringing back a regime Nigeriens are aspiring to get raid of as proven by huge demonstrations throughout the country following the coup. These statements made by Allassane Ouatarra are far from being the will of the people of Ivory Coast who have an undeniable friendship with Nigeriens.” The spokesperson of the CNSP said.

Meanwhile, the Government of Niger has announced the immediate withdrawal of its Abassador from Abidjan.

“This unusual statement made by President Ouattarra and the manner in which he is rushing to effect this illegal and senseless aggression against Niger is an indication that injunction was placed to him and some of his colleagues of ECOWAS by external forces in quest of saving their interests that are no longer the interests of Niger. The Government of Niger hereby rejects all statement made by the President of Ivory Coast, statements that are against our regional interest. Meanwhile, the Government of Niger hereby call back its Ambassador from Abidjan for consultation.” Col. Amadou Abdurahamane ended.

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