NIC, LLA to appear Before House May 9


By Dorcas T. Gboerreh-Boe
The plenary of the House of Representatives has unanimously voted to invite on May 9, 2023, the National Investment Commission (NIC) and the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) to provide status update on the LAC 1959 Concession Agreement review and ratification processes.
Plenary’s decision followed a communication from Grand Bassa County District #4 Representative Vincent Willie.

In his communication to plenary on Thursday, the Grand Bassa lawmaker said the company was granted concession to produce natural rubber and for over sixty years, it has existed as the second-largest rubber plantation in Liberia and its concession agreement is yet to be ratified something, he said, when ratified will meet current-day realities.
Rep. Willie further stated that the review and ratification processes of LAC’s 1959 Concession Agreement is important for the social and economic benefits of the people of Grand Bassa County and the Government of Liberia in general.

“I have made efforts to meet the relevant authorities responsible to ratify concessions, but this is yet to be achieved. This communication is to buttress previous strides made by my office to the offices of the President of Liberia and the Honorable House of Representatives on the issue indicated,” Rep. Willie said.
He said two years ago President George Manneh Weah mandated the Head of the National Investment Commission (NIC) and the Inter-ministerial Committee on Concessions (IMCC) to look into the issue of the LAC Concession review and other concessions which, according to him, prompted the President’s decision to mandate the NIC and the IMCC as predicated on his constant engagement with his offices on the matter and also concerns raised by citizens and residents of the concession area during his nationwide tour in 2021.
Following the reading of the communication, a motion was made by Grand Bassa County District #5 Representative Thomas Goshua to invite the National Investment Commission and the Liberia Land Authority on May 9, 2023.

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