National Heritage and Cultural Challenge underway in Monrovia …15 Counties in Contest


The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tamma Corporation, Abdullah Kamara, has disclosed that the parent company of Tamma Corporation, Tamma TV is hosting one of Africa’s biggest shows, the National Heritage and Cultural Challenge, the first of its kind in Africa.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 in Oldest Congo Town, outside Monrovia, Mr. Kamara, who is upbeat about the initiative, further disclosed that the National Heritage and Culture Challenge is just like the National County Sports Meet.


According to him, this is about culture where the cultures of the fifteen counties clash to determine which county is more diverse, most unique and has more to offer.


He mentioned that the objective is to establish or discover our national identity, the thing that unites all of us as Liberians.


‘‘We all have similar traits; we are not different. We have some unique characteristics and the one that unites us. This competition will also create the platform of some of these very unique people to have the opportunity to show case their unique talents of knowledge of dancing, singing, among others,’’ he stated.

‘‘On Saturday, December 24, 2022, they will be entering the Heritage Village, which has been completely built from scratch. The total number of contestants will be 75.  Five contestants will come from each of the fifteen counties, they will be entering the village for five weeks long.  The contestants will be competing in various categories from the most beautiful, in terms of cultural attires, we are not just looking at the face and the demonstration of the cultural elements.  We also have the strongest cultural warriors, the displaying of foods, fishing with nets and some other physical challenges and leadership styles,’’ the Founder and CEO of Tamma Corporation told the well- attended the press conference.


‘‘Every week we will have town chiefs, they will  judge cases, we will also have  weddings, divorces and lots of dramatic components of the competition. The contestants have gone through various kinds  of trainings,  exercises and motivations to make sure they are set for the competition,’’ he asserted.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kamara accentuated that each county will have a voting codes that will be shared to the general public- they will be voting  via  TipMe  and eWallie.

He then announced that there is a cash prize of US$40,000 or LD 6Million half of which will go towards the contestants, as  each one of the them has a contract that  shows how much they  will get and the other  will go towards  the county that will emerge victorious in the contest.


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