Margibi District Petitions Female Rep. Aspirant

By Kelvin Gonlah


Ahead of the much publicized 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, residents of Margibi County Electoral District #1 gathered in the numbers to announce a major decision with the petition of a female aspirant for the district’s hot seat.


Margibi County Electoral District #1 is currently being occupaid by Representative Telerosa Tarponweh, but several residents of Kp’akacon, Marshall Road, Kpor  Town, Gbono Town, Marshall City, Boys Town, Duazohn, R2 among others gathered in their numbers to petition Madam Maria Eva Doerner to contest as their next Representative.


In their petition statement, which was delivered by J. Samuel M. Bannie, with acknowledgment of the developmental works of Madam Doerner over the past few years, they have unanimously agreed to support her as their next Representative of District 1, Margibi County.


The petitioners named construction of a church building, her efforts to build a modern school, and provision of quality education to the needy and underprivileged, especially school-going kids of District 1, the establishment of a beauty salon, housing materials store, mini-mart business center, a medical drugs store which has provided over 50 individuals with job opportunities, the construction of four (4) hand pumps, the construction of three (3) latrines among others for the petition of Madam Doerner.


“Madam Maria Eva Doerner, Your monthly compensation to two of our volunteer teachers at the Kp’akacon Public High School, and the launching of your scholarship program that has already awarded 8 slots to some of our community children and intends to recruit and increase the number this year. With the understanding of your numerous contributions and stronger conviction and are most delighted to have this promotive and knowing to the public that we are indeed enthusiastic to petition you today”, he stated.


“For we, the citizens of District 1, who you have loved ever so much, the effectiveness of this petition ceremony does not just depend on our writing or written words today but on our initiative and decision that we are so decisive concerning about your concern for humanity. Madam Maria Eva Doerner, since we are in a nation that direct democracy which permits everyone to vote, we express the general will of the people on whom to elect, and let’s say to you today, madam Maria Eva Doerner that you are our own. You have won our support collectively to vote you as Representative of District #1of Margibi County,” he added.


Accepting the petition from the citizens of Margibi County, District #1, Maria Eva Doerner expressed her heartfelt thanks to the residents and also called on them for their consistent support during the electoral process.


“This thing is not about me; it is not about a selfish intention, it is about the whole District #1, and it is about every one of us. I cannot run this vision along, I cannot run it all by myself, I need your help to bring this vision into reality. The only way we can bring this into reality is for us to work for hands in hand to bring this dream to success. The only way we can make a change except if you work enhance with me. That’s why I make it possible for my representative to go to the length and birth of District 1, to make everyone be part of this program today,” Madam Doerner told the petitioners.


“I’m a Liberian, my father was a former Ambassador to South Africa, his name is Mr. Stewart, I think all the judges in Liberia knew him. My mother was also a businesswoman, her name is Mary N. Diggs, and she hails from Nimba County. I am a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, and I’m happily married to Mr. Martin Rudolf Christian Doerner with four living children”, Mrs. Doerner asserted.


According to the Representative hopeful, based on her foreign experience, if elected, she will introduce a system that will allow every resident of District #1 to attend a vocational school because not everyone will attain formal education.


“I want to implement the same system that we have over there, in Germany, that after 9th grade, you can go to your vocational school to learn and do something for yourself. All these vocational schools include sewing, baking, and construction; this will empower the young people, women, and men to be better Liberians for the whole of District 1. Also, I’m bringing development because I want to bring investors into District 1 to build modern clinics and hospitals for our children”, said Mrs. Doerner.


She added that her platform is not limited to the people of Kp’akacon and Marshall, but it will reach across the entire district.


Also speaking, Mr. Martin Rudolf Christian Doerner, husband of the aspirant, urged residents of District #1 to fully support his wife as the next Representative to improve their living conditions.


“So support my beloved wife with all your heart, with all your passion, so that by the grace of the living God, we all together can improve mama Liberia in our lives,” said Mr. Doerner.





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