Lord Worldwide Liberia Province observes 71st Annual Conference in Monrovia


Official program marking the occasion of the 71st Annual Conference of the Church of the Lord(Prayer Fellowship Worldwide) Province of Liberia took place in Monrovia from February 13-20, 2023.

The conference, which was held under theme: ‘‘Supernatural Breakthrough’’, was well-attended by members and officials of the church across the country.

In his welcome address, the Provincial Head of the Church of the Lord Worldwide, His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Victor Moses B. Olasemojo, said, ‘‘Calvary greetings to you all in the mighty name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 71st Edition of our Conference in the province of Liberia. All honour, praise and adoration to the almighty God and the giver of life for sparing our lives as Ministers and members of our noble Church to witness another Conference in the land of the living.’’

According to Rev. D r. Olasemojo, nothing valuable happens by chance, stating that, ‘‘when you know beyond the natural you are in Command of the supernatural. It Is the revelation of divine secret that prompt your manifestation, and they are revealed as mysteries. God is the custodian of all secret that pertains to the Issues of life’’.

‘‘Whatever he reveals belongs to you and your generation, so until they are revealed, you can’t partake of the treasure attached to divine secrets, which are also referred to as mysteries of the kingdom. Deut. 29vs 29. What does it take to Access Divine secrets? Be born again John 3:3-5 Until you are born again you are spiritually dead. Life begins spiritually, at new birth, only the living need secrets. So, it takes spirituality to Access the mystery in the scripture 1Cor 2:14. The fear of the Lord as a life style. It takes the fear of God to qualify for access into the secret of God. Job was a man that fear God and he had access to the secrets of God. You can’t live carelessly and expect access to divine secrets, you must fear God,’’ Rev. Dr. .

‘‘The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him and he will show them His Covenant Psalm 25:14. (3)Engage In prayers of enquiry without asking questions, you are not entitled to answer. The questions can only be asked and answered on the platform of prayer and fasting. Jer 33:11. Engage the Holy Spirit In a search: He Is the Custodian of divine secrets. He Is the Spiritual rig that draws from the treasure of the kingdom. We need the Holy Ghost to flow in the deep things of God. John 16:12-14. As we embark on these virtues, The Grace of God for Supernatural Breakthrough shall be our portion in this Province In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen,’’ the Provincial Head of the Church of the Lord Worldwide told the well-attended conferees

The Provincial Head of the Church of the Lord Worldwide reminded the conferrers that conference affords them the opportunity to come together and reason together for progress and development of their Province.

‘‘In our Conference this year I want us to consider the following: (1) Membership Drive. What is membership drive, It is a planned, concerted effort to bring in new members to the church. Members don’t just find you they are drawing In. (2). Youth Participation. I call all our minister and the elders of our Church to encourage the youth In all our Churches to participate in all Church activities. To conduct service, organize programmes,to preach and teach and to also Invite their friends for their programmes. (3) Finance. One of the resolutions last year every branch should open an account in the Bank with three signatories 1. Principal signatory, the minister in charge. ({2) The Secretary. (3) The treasure,’’ he said.

‘‘Every church activities and service finance must be reported to the minister in charge Immediately after that program. On no account should a penny be spent in Church account without the approval of the minister unless an Individual wants to spend his or her personal money for the Church,’’ he added while wishing all a fruitful and productive deliberation in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Meanwhile, the 71st Annual Conference was occasioned by worship services, divine prayers, singing and praises and etc., asking the Almighty for his divine protection and guidance for Liberia and the world at large.

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