‘Liberia’s Sea Port Is Vulnerable, No Scanning Machine’ …Customs Broker Association President claims


The President of the National Customs Brokers Association of Liberia has attributed the lack of scanning machines and other sophisticated equipment and facility to the vulnerability of the country’s Sea Port.




“Even though people are repeatedly paying for these equipment and facility, they are not available,” James Hinneh disclosed.



According to Mr. Hinneh, the relevant authorities only focus more on the CTN, which gives them more money rather than taking into key consideration security issues, which are very important at the Port.




Mr. Hinneh blamed key stakeholders in the sector for the repeated arriving of unwanted substances in the country rather than the ordinary custom brokers.



“Customs Brokers only operate on documents and physical examination,” he clarified.


He told the media that the lack of scanning machines at destination sites  is seriously effecting  trade and revenue generation in the country and needs to be addressed soon.





Meanwhile, the head of the Custom Brokers called on relevant authorities to put into place all of the necessary measures in order to facilitate fast and good trade.


He wants the public to be more aware about custom issues, stating that they generally operate on documents and physical examination.



Mr. Hinneh, who commended the APM Terminals for what he described as cordial working relationship between the two parties, also encouraged the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to do the same with them and avoid the unending and unnecessary bureaucracy with them, which he noted,  is affecting them.


The National Port, he emphasized, will continue to remain vulnerable until the right things are done by relevant authorities as currently the situation is getting worse by the day.

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